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  1. I have two avatars, since yesterdays rolling restarts I can only get one in world, the other, it logs in and gets as far as "loading world" then crashes and I can't work out why. I can get her in on SLite chat engine. I am using the updated version of Firestorm on a MAC. I tried it with Secondlife V2, same thing happened. I tried it on another Mac, same thing happened. I tried changing the location at the login page but still no. :( Please help!!
  2. Two weeks ago I started renting a property. There are three caretakers including the landlord. They are NEVER in world!! I haven't been able to rez anything because they have not invited me to the group. When I finally got a hold of her, she says she has but my partner and I still haven't got them. She was gone as quick as she came. I haven't heard anymore for nearly a week now and to say I'm losing my patience is an understatement!!!! I have sent soooo many NCs now (partly hoping she'll get so cheesed off she'll give me back my money just for me to leave her alone) but I don't think the
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