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  1. i see abandoned land, with a sale price of 1$ per square meter, but how much land is one square meter in SL? and how many prims allowed per meter?it is mainland land
  2. How do I report an account I KNOW is hacked? I friend of mine is spamming groups and she would NEVER do such a thing …
  3. I am Host and Co_owner of the group NIGHT MOVES, and all of my hosts and I have trouble with group chat!! it wont open and when it does is sluggish and slwo to respond ... this has been happening since we started this group. Please help!
  4. when logging in, click the forgot password link
  5. I"m trying to post an event ad for a LORETTA LYNN COUNTRY SHOW .. and LL tells me its rated ADULT CONTENT?? THIS ad? LORETTA LYNN AT DEDE'S, TONIGHT ONLY! Loretta Lynn (Loretta Webb; born April 14, 1932) is a chart-topping, multiple-gold-album-selling American country music singer-songwriter whose work has spanned more than 50 years. Her youngest sister, Brenda Gail Webb, better known as Crystal Gayle; sister Peggy Sue; and brother, Jay Lee Webb also wound up in the music industry. TONIGHT, LORETTA LYNN COMES TO DEDE'S!! Loretta will have some guests appearing on stage with her, like
  6. we have a group land, how do we add Lindens to the group, so either of us may pay tier??
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