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  1. I decided on avatar.blend, even though it's a bit more work, it does seem to contain most of the necessary components to get started. Problems encountered: missing mFootLeft, mFootRight missing mWristLeft, mWristRight (sporadic, bug) I currently run Vista @ 64bit making at least one add-on/plug-in unusable: currently. I have no idea how to convert an xml file for export: (see above 64bit issue) my AV from SL to blender. So I have managed to created a base SL model with which to base my objects/clothing. I am currently using, blender, zbrush, maya, photoshop. (the workflow has been a nightmare *laughs) Uploading unattached meshes with custom maps has been simple compared to uploading rigged AV's/Clothing/Objects. I decided on the Jass blender with the correct Collada 1.4 to make my life easier but I am keeping an eye on the development of the new Blender and workarounds. I hope this helps others.
  2. I am having the same issues with maya 2012 nothing seems to work for me either.
  3. I Just found out Wiz Daxter plug in, does not work on Maya 2012 (64bit) He is working on a plug in for it. Just in case anyone else is running around in circles like me. Against my better judgment I am trying avatars with Maya. Thus far zero success.
  4. What is your LOD on that model? Please consider not creating meshes that will crash every sim they walk into lol.
  5. Hello I am looking for the correct file locations for the follwing SL amature files. Blender 2.49 Blender 2.49b Blender 2.59 Maya 2012 3dsMax There seems to be a lot of misinformation re: correct amature to use with SL meshes. After reading several times that ppl are exchanging corrected files. I have concluded that it might be nice to have a list from others working with meshes. One issue that plagues the tutorial and wiki links I have seen thus far: avatar.blend or simplebot? To say that it is a bit fustrating to dig threw correct information is an understatement. I think it would help tremendously if we had a correct list stickied to this thread as a base from which ppl can use for their models. Links or attachments would be helpful. Ty
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