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  1. maybe this s/b in help wanted.....I may post there too if it doesn't get moved I'm looking for an animator who can help on a project....they will get a significant share of the profits plus some upfront costs. What I need to have done requires very simple animation ( I could do that!).but...we must incorporate a Hud and an avatar holding props that vary depending on the button of the hud. It also gets sold cheaply...under L$100 is ideal, but certainly not more than 300. It's a goof thing..but can be used in lots of situations Way beyond me to do. I think it might have great potential.
  2. Last Year, In Honor of Halloween, I was a different AV every day for the month of October. Since folks seemed to have gotten a great kick out of it, I decided to continue the tradition this year, so you may see me in many of the clubs/live music venues......say hi! And for the record........last year.....The Japanese Sumo wrestler and Lego-man got hit on the most!
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