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  1. I recently experienced that too so to combat it, put in your profile that your messages may get capped and have them send notecards for any correspondance. If they cannot do that and you don't see their message, you can at least say that you have that policy for that reason.
  2. There's still a few out there. AvatarBook: http://avatarbook.org/ Avatar Social Network: http://www.avatarsocialnetwork.com/ Second Friends: http://www.second-friends.com/
  3. There is a good reason to be wary of "reporters/journalists" wanting stories from those who use SecondLife. This reporter is from VICE, the same group that published this lovely article about how video game addictions destroy American lives. So, what is this reporter's agenda? What is their desired end-state for their article? And why haven't they delved into SL themselves when there are many resources for new users that show you how to navigate, find interesting places, things to do and connect with good people? They are essentially making YOU do THEIR homework.
  4. I disagree, Syo. Any decent model knows it's more than just walking around with an AO and tinkering with a shape. And it's not about roleplaying as a model either. There is marketing value in having a decent model/blogger to showcase a designer's works, whether that market's income goes to the designer or the model. For most models, it's a hobby. For some, it can be expensive when you don't have many sponsors or a secondary income to help you out. Passeando, here is a link to a compilation of modeling schools in SL. My advice to you is to check out the free ones first; Model's Workshop and Fashion Modeling University (FMU). From there you'll at least get your feet wet enough to decide if modeling is for you. http://secondlifemodelingresource.wordpress.com/
  5. Here's a compilation of various modeling schools in SL. http://secondlifemodelingresource.wordpress.com/
  6. If the earlier suggestion doesn't work, then take a look at your shoulders. Are they in a neutral position in Qavimator? If all three axis are at 0 (neutral position), then the SL default animation (newb stand) will bleed through the body part, such as the shoulders. Adjust at least one the axis, even by one degree, and it shouldn't move anymore.
  7. Are the hands in a neutral position in Qavimator? If all three axis are at 0 (neutral position), then the SL default animation (newb stand) will bleed through the body part, such as the hands. Adjust at least one the axis, even by one degree, and it shouldn't move anymore.
  8. I would suggest starting from scratch again. I've had Qavimator do some weird things as well that SL couldn't interprete and the best solution was to simply start over. Fixed the problem and I got what I wanted to make.
  9. Exactly. We do not even have a pictorial ad, but that is mainly to prevent people from seeing what is on the ad as the standard, ie; a dress or avant garde or business, etc. I personally wanted to keep the idea of the style of Dior as wide as they are in real life and see what contestants come up with.
  10. I merely replied with that since your responders were only getting half of the story. Get the entire story straight before you start a he-said-she-said discussion and pitting the naive against each other.
  11. Sounds like it is Q&A time. First off, this contest was devised by me. I am a fan of the many designers, past and present, under the Dior name and wanted to give a few lucky, aspiring models a chance to try out modeling without the huge fares associated with going to schools, buying poses and animations, etc. I approached Red with the idea to help me put together the contest and bring in some sponsors for the prizes; one being a scholarship to the modeling school, Amici Modeling Academy. The *TCL* group is hosting the contest for me but is in no way attempting to recruit models like an agency. It is an independent group designed to help apsiring models get their foot into the door to modeling, kind of like the group, Model's Workshop. The *TCL* is helping me by coordinating the contest so I do not have to worry about every tiny detail like the sim, stage, DJs, hosts, etc. It takes a LOT of work to run a show, pageant and/or contest. The purpose of the contest, as stated before, is to style an outfit like it was Dior. There is no particular marketplace or inworld store that anyone needs to use or buy from, it just has to look like it could have been a Dior design. Hence the contest's name, "Show me your BEST - SL Resident Dior Style". The secondary advantage of hosting contests like this is the chance to be seen. Like in real life, a designer, agency or academy CEO could spot someone who has the style they like and want to build upon. Even if that person does not win the contest, they could potentially be contacted by that spotter afterward for a different chance. It does happen, whether you believe it or not. Skype is needed to reduce lag during the finale. If a contestant crashes, they will still be able to talk to the backstage coordinators who can guide them back onto the stage without a hitch.
  12. For those of you who are reading these comments for this thread, you might want to know that this is all because of this following thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/CALLING-ALL-RESIDENTS-THAT-WANT-TO-MODEL-AN-AMAZING-CONTEST-GRID/td-p/1821923
  13. Might be a bit late but I've had much success using PXL's pose stand vendors. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PXL-SmartPOSE-PoseAnimation-Vendor-and-split/1373426
  14. It's by Morea Style. You can find it on the Marketplace. The lace mask is a tattoo also on the marketplace under makeup.
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