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  1. Someone hacked into my account and changed my password. I received an e-mail about the changed password and it said to contact Second Life support but was not specific about how to go about doing that. I need help quick.
  2. I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place but here goes... I regularly attend a PG club on SL. They have regular events there, contests an stuff. Now that I'm going to be a hostess at this club, I will no longer be able to join the contests they have since I'm a staff member. I really like contests though I was wondering if there were any other clubs or hangouts in SL that have events like that that I can go to like a night or two a week. I'm kind of a prude so I prefer if the place were PG or at least doesn't have strippers or anything at the events. Thanks.
  3. I regularly attend a club called the Fire Escape on SL (in the region Icanhaz) and they have events where people can win Lindens. I won at an event earlier and still have not received my L$ prize. I know for a fact that this has nothing to do with the club because this has happened once before and the owners of the club had to give me THEIR Lindens and be reimbursed. I'm wondering what is going on with the servers that keeps raising this issue. How long will it take before I get my prize?
  4. I bought some items from the SL marketplace about 24 hours ago and also bought an item last week and none of them ever showed up in my inventory. I've checked in my objects folder and they are not there. Am I looking in the wrong place for them? Should I be concerned or is it just taking a long time for them to be delivered?
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