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  1. Yes I have seen the rez zones sqares but I want to drive them on the roads here I have cute dune buggy but if you leave that rez area its rejected lol  you can only use wearables to drive around. Maybe someday some one will create a nice wearable vehicle like trucks cars, boats who knows I can wish 



  2. On 6/1/2019 at 12:59 PM, Ilana Debevec said:

    I have given up hope. I've been homeless for 5 weeks (since you have to give up your old one first) and am sick of refreshing that page. The few times I've seen one pop up by the time you can go thru the confirmation page it's no longer available. 

    I am still hope and waiting, refreshing page would still love to be able to move into one of the new houses...sigh just waiting like every one else who still want one

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