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  1. Hey I mite need bail linden if beach buggies are not allowed here ...oh my no sl jail please
  2. Oh no now I have police driving by my space here, I am just sitting in my yard in my buggy maybe beach buggies not allowed here ? will I get ticket ? lol omg my hubby will flip if he has to bail me out of jail
  3. oh I tried to drive my beach buggy out of the vehicle rez area
  4. Oh I am fine what would be helpful is where to look for a nice car, jeep, truck to wear that would be great
  5. Yes I understand I just not wanting to go find another rez zone again these roads are like mazes here so that's why I gave up try to find a nice wearable
  6. hum not sure why I would be the only one who could not I went to the vehicle rez zones and rezzed it there that works perfect but I drive off its re turned and a window comes up say owner dose not allow
  7. Well one was on the water and the others were on land 3 different areas of the camp site so it was more then one I just give up and is riding my bike its a wearable and have no problems with that
  8. S I have been looking for a nice wearable but not have to much luck as far as like a jeep. Not found anything I like
  9. Well I tried with the boats and vehicle I rez them where your suppose to but as soon as I drive off they get return and it says not allowed so I don't know
  10. I have wearable nice row boat I have enjoyed on the waters at Bellisseria
  11. Yes I have seen the rez zones sqares but I want to drive them on the roads here I have cute dune buggy but if you leave that rez area its rejected lol you can only use wearables to drive around. Maybe someday some one will create a nice wearable vehicle like trucks cars, boats who knows I can wish
  12. The only thing I wish you could do is rez a vehicle to drive that would be fun to be able to drive your car or truck or what ever
  13. Yes I was out riding my bike when a train came by so nice just love the new Bellisseria's land
  14. Me, on my afternoon bike ride in one of the new Bellisseria new camper trailers at the new camp sites
  15. I am still waiting and hoping one come available for me too. I miss my Linden home having to give up my old home for a chance for a new one. Congratulations on the ones who was lucky enough to receive one already.
  16. I refresh hourly and never have seen a home come up this is getting frustrating. There must be a level of membership that these homes are going to, and me being just a regular premium member I must be at the bottom of that list cause its been months now
  17. I am still hope and waiting, refreshing page would still love to be able to move into one of the new houses...sigh just waiting like every one else who still want one
  18. Ok I got it! refresh page every few mins and keep checking
  19. So do I just keep checking the premium page to see if the new homes are listed or how do I do this?
  20. Oh out of stock well I under stand that sure they went fast. How does one apply for a new home when they do become available again?
  21. Me as a current member have read that the updated new homes for premium members for new accounts was curious if we current members will ever get the option for the new updated linden homes? And if we do how long before that will happen if ever?
  22. I am having trouble getting pay pal to work for the lindens
  23. Thank you for your reply been a big help
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