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  1. Hey I mite need bail linden if beach buggies are not allowed here ...oh my no sl jail please
  2. Oh no now I have police driving by my space here, I am just sitting in my yard in my buggy maybe beach buggies not allowed here ? will I get ticket ? lol omg my hubby will flip if he has to bail me out of jail
  3. oh I tried to drive my beach buggy out of the vehicle rez area
  4. Oh I am fine what would be helpful is where to look for a nice car, jeep, truck to wear that would be great
  5. Yes I understand I just not wanting to go find another rez zone again these roads are like mazes here so that's why I gave up try to find a nice wearable
  6. hum not sure why I would be the only one who could not I went to the vehicle rez zones and rezzed it there that works perfect but I drive off its re turned and a window comes up say owner dose not allow
  7. Well one was on the water and the others were on land 3 different areas of the camp site so it was more then one I just give up and is riding my bike its a wearable and have no problems with that
  8. S I have been looking for a nice wearable but not have to much luck as far as like a jeep. Not found anything I like
  9. Well I tried with the boats and vehicle I rez them where your suppose to but as soon as I drive off they get return and it says not allowed so I don't know
  10. I have wearable nice row boat I have enjoyed on the waters at Bellisseria
  11. Yes I have seen the rez zones sqares but I want to drive them on the roads here I have cute dune buggy but if you leave that rez area its rejected lol you can only use wearables to drive around. Maybe someday some one will create a nice wearable vehicle like trucks cars, boats who knows I can wish
  12. The only thing I wish you could do is rez a vehicle to drive that would be fun to be able to drive your car or truck or what ever
  13. Yes I was out riding my bike when a train came by so nice just love the new Bellisseria's land
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