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  1. I am still waiting and hoping one come available for me too. I miss my Linden home having to give up my old home for a chance for a new one. Congratulations on the ones who was lucky enough to receive one already.
  2. I refresh hourly and never have seen a home come up this is getting frustrating. There must be a level of membership that these homes are going to, and me being just a regular premium member I must be at the bottom of that list cause its been months now
  3. I am still hope and waiting, refreshing page would still love to be able to move into one of the new houses...sigh just waiting like every one else who still want one
  4. Ok I got it! refresh page every few mins and keep checking
  5. So do I just keep checking the premium page to see if the new homes are listed or how do I do this?
  6. Oh out of stock well I under stand that sure they went fast. How does one apply for a new home when they do become available again?
  7. Me as a current member have read that the updated new homes for premium members for new accounts was curious if we current members will ever get the option for the new updated linden homes? And if we do how long before that will happen if ever?
  8. I am having trouble getting pay pal to work for the lindens
  9. Thank you for your reply been a big help
  10. Would like to know if the AMD Ryzen™ 3 2300U (2 GHz, up to 3.4GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores)+AMD Radeon™ Vega 6 Graphics would work ok for second life?
  11. maggiessunrise

    lost Account

    aceman 21 would like to gett his account back if possable he can not log on to do it him self is there something i can do to help him retreave his account i could pay the over dew account
  12. What can you do when nothing else works and the case you open is now closed?And your problems still there No way to fix it at all? I am just have to live with the fact my account is being taken from me because of this issue 4 years worth of a huge inventory gone i can't buy linden no more this problem cause me to lose my land And now i am told there is nothing any one can do.....omg!! wow thanks sl for nothing
  13. I am at a loss of how to fix this issue i am having with second life. It won't allow me to purchase any more linden dollars, so i will be loosing my land and soon my account. Because if you can't pay for it they take it all back. It's made me feel like being punished for becoming a premium member in the first place. If i had stayed a none member i wouldn't be loosing my account, maybe my land but not my account. No one can help i have call linden labs talk to pay pal and made sure my account at the banks is all good. Every thing here on my account is updated did the whole payment update more times then i should have ever needed to I am looking for a real solusion to a real problem??? Signed Frustrated Member
  14. I have done the whole billing info purchased linden dollars for over 4 years. Just this month it all stopped and can not purchas any more...check with paypal it all ggod to go. I talk to linden labs and what they had me do didn't help . talk to the bank it all good . So i am at a lost about how to fix this issue. all anyone can come up with is a connection Issue lol so anyone else having this problem?
  15. Its not letting me buy linden dollers with my paypal account or my debt card and yes i have money in both!
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