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  1. I recently just learned about upping my LOD Factor to keep my sculpted prims in their original shape, even when I'm cammed out. The only problem I'm having is whenever I log off and then back on, it's reset itself to the default factor, 1.000. Is there any way I can save it to the factor I want, so it doesn't switch back every time I log off? Sorry if it's a silly question, I'm new to the more advanced stuff in sl. Any help/tips is appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first forum post so bear with me, haha. Anyways, yesterday I tried buying Lindens with no avail, and I figured it might've been a glitch so I waited until today. I've tried again today twice in world, and then once on the website. On the website, I got errors like  Could not charge account.The system encountered an error while processing your order, please try again.We were unable to fulfill your Linden Dollar order. Your payment either failed or took too long to complete. If your payment completes, the amount will be placed on your USD account balance. This balance will be used automatically the next time you attempt a purchase.I've been overspending on Lindens lately, (my credit card is fine) could it be my 'limit'? I'm not sure how it really works, i'm 4 months old in sl so does it still apply? Or could someone just explain it better ._. If my skybox rent wasn't due soon, i'd just leave it be for a while. Thanks for any help you're able to give.
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