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  1. Recently I bought jeans and a sweater top in mesh. They look great on my screen but others see me as being nude . What can I do? Is there a fix for that ?
  2. My partner can't get into SL. Message says doesn't have simulator. What is a simulator? She never had that problem before.
  3. Hello, Sometimes (it happened 3 times in the last month) when I log on to SL, my avi appears to other viewers as a woman with breasts and fine features, but to me, from my screen, my avi appears as always, a male, normal. A few days ago I was on with my partner, Sofia, and she noted that I appeared as a woman, she took a photo to prove it. 1) Why would I look normal from my view point, but look like a woman to others? 2) How do I stop that? 3) Is there any indication as to how I appear to others when I log on? This is disturbing to me and I need to resolve this matter ASAP.
  4. Hi, I'm a premium member and owner of a Linden home. I would like my partner to be able to rez objects there too. I don't think she is a premium member. Is there a way fom me to allow her to use my Linden home and be able to rez objects.
  5. I recently cleared my cache. Now everything appears pink and my avatar is a cloud. What can I do to correct this?
  6. I want to buy an article of clothing, but the seller says I need SL viewer version 3. How can I find out what my sl viewer version is?
  7. I recently downloaded what was supposed to be an SL upgrade which resulted in poor image resolution. The colors on the screen image are now shades of red. My partner's hair is now a blotch of pink without definition. Her facial features are unrecoginzable. Her gown, a solid mass of pink or orange. Does anyone know how I can correct this problem?
  8. I wish to partner with someone, but I wouldn't want to give up the serendipitous nature of SL, where you can by chance meet someone at a dance venue perhaps and carry on a casual, semi-quasi-romantic relationship (LOL)-- not a serious, heart throbbing, head over heels, in lov (heart heart heart) relationship. Is that possible, would I be breaking any rules?
  9. I want to change the name of my Linden home. how do I do that?
  10. I wnat to allow my partner into my linden home. I tried IMing her but she wasn't allowed to enter. Does anyone k now how to give this permission? Desperate. Can anyone please help.
  11. How can I allow someone into my linden home.
  12. If I change clothing for my avatar, is it necessary to remove the clothing the avatar is presently wearing first before the next set of clothing is donned? Secondly, Is it possible that an avatar can be wearing several sets of clothing, one on top the other, but the only set visible is the top layer? I have an inkling that that may be the case with my avatar, but I’m not sure.
  13. I recently purchased curtains for my SL Home. Does anyone know how to install them?
  14. tweed13

    How to IM?

    I'm trying to contact a merchant to resend an item that I didn't receive. How do I IM that merchant?
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