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  1. first you cant hurt LL they onley wil hurt us... second i cant buylindne from LL for i do not have paypal and i do not want it ...and i am not the onley one i just wonder why they dont do IDEAL evry other big games or V.W., and more have Ideal with ideal you do not need to have paypal or whatever and what i also do not understand is when Sl started as far i know it was for starting to build get linden and yes you can sell them for real money..why now this change?? in this time of crisis you pick the wrong moment for all of us.
  2. i was yesterday placinf some furniture in a sky box thne the relog came i came back and al was gone my desk table and seats they not in my inventory. not even under lost and found please how do i get them back i am almost waiting for 24 hours and stil it issent back sim name go hight 82.99.2001 wel great to read the answrs i wont get my items back??? and where i cant report this....? i payed money for this and bexouse a relog i am forsed in to it i lost evrything ............i wont my money back
  3. how is it i can pay with paypal if i buy stuf ftom cart in the market place but i cant buy me linden i pay years with paypal al over internet but i cant buy me linden
  4. ever sinds the new version 303 sl keep craching soon as i almost get in poof gone sl i even unstal it reinstaled it again same problem over and over again also try phoenix same when i dowmload the old version 3.0 it work fine but sl keep sending me the new version i cant block that and a short time it even made my computer restart himself this is realy tobad i did start to like it here
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