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  1. That is horrible to hear. I am very sorry. If you haven't tried Amaretto horses, give it a shot. It is a hobby that can occupy your mind, trying to build the perfect horse over months and months of hard and fun work. Contact me in game and I'll give you 10 horses to start on and land to raise them.
  2. Off-Grid couture is a unique Second Life franchise, as we buy and sell fashion items from past collections in our stores. If you are interested in a bargain on some great couture, go to our mainstore here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rue%20DAntibes/210/64/28 If you have been thinking about downsizing your closet, give me a call! You can sell your outfits directly to me without going through MP or a yardsale, there are upwards of a hundred designer that I would be interested in. Depending on the brand I will buy them for 50, 100, 150, 200 or even more. Hope to get some good responses, Daniel Nexx
  3. The Off-Grid shops are back and in need of a couple of new aspiring models! Off-Grid is the only chain of shops in SL selling couture clothes from past seasons. We are a small company and since we actually buy every single item before selling them, I cannot pay much per photo. But if you would like to work as a model, please give Daniel Nexx a shout in game or here. You will be wearing clothes from many of the best designers in SL ;) Plus, if you are interested in decorating, you can get engaged in running the shops as well, as the boss (me) is mostly interested in the trading aspect.
  4. Prices have been slashed with 50% today as I want to go down in tier
  5. Your argumentation leads to the point where the question comes up, why sex with childavatars is then not allowed. Quoted for truth and end of story. This person has found a tiny crevice in the firewall where the restrictions are blurry and he can indulge himself with child-torture rp thinking he has some legal leverage. Who on Earth cares? He represents a minority of maybe 5 people that enjoy child torture without gettinga aroused (and in fact I don't believe this for a second), and because of this the whole of SL must endure an endless discussion and possible bad press. It would take an army of lawyers years to distinguish his activities from that what is illegal. Just ban physical abuse along with sexual abuse of children in SL and let's move on.
  6. volunteervic wrote: ....child actors who enjoy playing abused child characters in movies ..... Yes, we all know they enjoy that don't we? Hmmm, actually I stopped reading there, no need for further comment. My point with posting is simply: why don't Linden Labs once and for all ban the use (and abuse) of chil avatars. I can count the number of times I have seen a child avatar on one hand. I have seen more people naked in the street. CLEARLY it is a very tiny minority that enjoys playing a child, and i bet many of them have motives akin to this person. So why LL contiues to let child abuse in SL create bad press for them i cannot understand. Just stop it.
  7. PRICE SLASH - SEE BELOW I have parcelled out some plots in one of the most idyllic and open waterland plots in SL. You must look at the pictures below, they show how romantic the surroundings are and they say it all. As you can see the neighbours are keeping the sim very open and you will have no trouble sailing out to the open ocean. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aediles/150/78/29 What I sell: 480 sqm for 799L - NOW 399L 512 sqm for 999L - NOW 499L 800 sqm for 1599L - NOW 799L 1024 sqm for 1999L - NOW 999L Parcels are sold without objects.
  8. This charming plot is right on the main railroad of the northwestern continent. The pics show the view from your plot! 704 sqm on sale for 1799 L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xanthorhoe/31/157/46
  9. PRICES HAVE BEEN CUT IN HALF - SEE BELOW New parcels are available in this lovely harbour area (Chinati sim). You can combine one or both of the land parcels with the water parcel which I am selling below minimum price. 976 sqm land sim - 1799 L - NOW 899L 896 sqm land sim - 1499 L - NOW 749L 1696 water sim - 1499 L - NOW 749L This harbour area is really nice, and you can go sailing from here and even reach Linden Seas through protected waterways. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chinati/206/142/40 Buy one or buy them all, they will fit great together. Parcels are sold without objects.
  10. PRICE SLASH - NOW DOWN TO 499L - SEE BELOW Selling 4 x 512 sqm waterland plots in the Besson protected mainland sim. If you look at the picture, you see the open Linden Sea that is your sunset view. The small rafts is where your plot could be. The luxury houses on the right are property of "Waterfront Dream Rentals", and these guys make sure that the canal between you and them is kept open - so you will continue to have open ocean access! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Besson/48/40/40 Prices are from 999 to 1999 for my 4 plots (NOW 499L TO 999L), if you don't realise how cheap that is, look at the neighbour plot which is on sale for 5000L :)
  11. PRICES NOW SLASHED HALF - SEE BELOW I have parceled out this idyllic tropical beach area in the mainland sim Stargazer (8000 sqm), it can hopefully be home to a new relaxed residential community. All priced below 2L / sqm! As you see on the pics it’s a lovely and quiet place. Go visit, swim, sail… http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stargazer/129/167/21 What is there: 1024 sqm pure waterland - best seaview – 1999L - NOW 999L 2304 sqm mostly water – great beachfront – 3499L - NOW 1799L 1280 sqm mostly land – great beachfront – 2499L - NOW 1199L 1792 sqm mostly land – great beachfront – 3099L - NOW 1499L SOLD! 1792 sqm mostly land – narrow beachfront – 2499L Buy one, buy two, buy as many plots as you need :) There is a wide sea expanse to enjoy – and you can sail to Linden Seas from there - I am not sure that is always guaranteed though but check it out yourself. Parcels are sold without objects.
  12. Ahhhh, someone in game told me that in Phoenix I can simply remove the water through the advanced menu. This Moses tool is immensely practical. If anyone else didn't know: - Phoenix/Enable Advanced then - Advanced/Rendering/Types/Water ...toggles water on and off.
  13. I am new to managing land and this is driving me craaaazy (sorry if I could have found the answers elsewhere) I am using the "Select land" tool in "Edit terrain", just as I have seen in a Linden video. So far so good. 1) Dividing in shallow waters. To me (in Phoenix Viewer), the water surface is an effective barrier to see the little yellow rectangles that the select tool uses. That means that when I am over the surface I cannot see what I am selecting. And when I am under the surface in 1 m deep water, I cannot see what I am doing at all? 2) Dividing a large parcel. If I zoom out too much, I cannot see the yellow rectangles...... If I don't zoom out I cannot see where I am doing and cannot finish the selection because I want to go offscreen hehe.... I can fix this problem by first making 1024 sqm parcels and then joining them I guess.... Any tips welcome!
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I have seen many Linden Protected islands along the edges of the continents an inside the more fragmented continents. I was wondering if offshore archipelagos also exist which are of mainland status, but after I have been exploring a bit more, I guess not.
  15. I read that apart from the main continents there are also island archipelagos that are "mainland", in other words Linden protected land etc. If so, are these found in certain parts of the world?
  16. Shameless plug incoming! To save your wallet from bankrupcy, make a visit to my Off-Grid mainstore, where we sell various couture that is no longer available from the designers, at bargain prices. You can browse designs from for instance Chantkare, Dazzle, Last Call, Bliss Couture, Blaze, Insolence, Blacklace, Morea Style, Callie Cline, Redgrave, Nymphetamine, Ivalde, Digital Knickers, DeGroot etc etc hope this works: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Madison%20Avenue/192/197/23
  17. Standing by to watch a heart get broken is not how a good friend should act. Of course you must help. The most gentle thing you can do is to insist to your male friend that he makes his (non)intentions clear. Don't let him be a d**k towards the girl, nobody will benefit from that.
  18. someone she had met maybe a week or so ago has already wanted commitment from her, as an SL partner. Though she feels that they get on very well, she didn't understand how someone could get so attached after just a short period of time. We both wondered about what committment really is in SL? when she explained her trepidations to him about even going forward in the committment direction, he told her that he thinks they have an amazing connection and called her his soul mate. (??) and that she was worried about nothing and that it was normal to partner with someone after a couple of weeks and that is already a long time. There are some misunderstandings built in here. The title of your post is Relationships, but what you are concerned about is SL Partnership. Those two are not the same. There are people that have loving and durable SL relationships without being partnered, and vice versa. I think the key here is that your friend feels pressured, while her partner is annoyed by her reluctance. This shows that they are not on the same footing about what an SL partnership is about and it's a bad sign of course. Your friend may change her mind after thinking about it. But that he thinks they are soul mates sounds like he is just spinning a tale and should be a warning. That doesn't mean that in general there is anything wrong about partnering fast, if both think it would be fun. SL is only a GAME. I did't join SL to find love, but found it accidentally and very quickly. We partnered up before I even knew what SL romance even was and just tried to develop it from there. It has been a rollercoaster, but also fantastic, and 3 months on is still developing.
  19. Mairead Fitzgerald wrote: I have a black swiss dotted ballgown from Whispers that still turns heads after 4 years. Whispers? I can't find any info on such a brand?
  20. Ceka Cianci wrote: from the sounds of it you haven't been in one and had a breakup where those pictures end up getting passed around.. No. And I am not encouraging her to do it, so there you go. But couples are doing it, and just condemning all these residents as either stupid or creeps, that is uncalled for. You can be burned in relationships in many ways, and this is one of them.
  21. Mayalily wrote: If you really like the person and they like you, you just need to say NO that's not my style, so take me as I am or forget about me. I was tempted into reading in this thread through, and the above was the most sensible thing I found in a sea of hostility. Noone else aks, what is the OPs interest in this affair? OP doesn't speak of boyfriend or love, and I get the feeling that the pair did not exchange portrait photos. So ok, the guy looks like a creep interested only in "sexting". But the girl must have feelings for him, for why would she else be frustrated an starting this thread. I came to SL to do business, and I feel much like an outsider not playing by SL rules. I object to some things that are natural to regular SLers, for instance the lack in chat of some social barriers that exist in rl. I play by rl rules. But there are only kneejerk reactions on this thread. The best advise I can give to the OP is be careful. Say NO for now, say you want to get to know each other better. If he is creepy, then you will find out before you allow him to "see" you. To all those that say they would NEVER do such a thing: apparently you have NEVER been in a relationship where it would be a natural step :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  22. At Off-Grid Couture we have been working with a small circle of models. We are very happy with our current models, but we could always use one or two more to be available. We are a new buisiness and have been paying our models a very low starting fee. We hope now to also attract more professional models, that can help us improve our look! The starting fee for a model with experience should be 50L per picture, and then we can see how it works out. Let us know if you are interested! Please post here, and contact Sonja Nexx (Sonja Smedley) in game. About Off-Grid: we are the premier seller of vintage couture in second life. With us you will find those lines of clothings that you always wanted, but never got! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rue%20DAntibes/108/183/28
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