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    I thought Derender will make it go disappear forever.
  2. BabyeeNicolex3


    Ok... I Usee FireStorm and I Clicked on Derender but it only last 5 mins
  3. BabyeeNicolex3


    I Muteed A.. , N.. , and M.. . But I Still See their Bubbles. How Do I Make them Disapear ?
  4. Is there any way I can put my title username as invisible.? So... I don't want Nikita to keep harassing me so much and did you report Nikita yet? :/
  5. I reported her through and i'm waiting for her to get banned. But last night she was stalking me and she still harassed me D; and she made a huge drama scene out of it. :[ Is there any way you guys can look through at her chat and reports her? I just want to live and peace in second life. :[
  6. I need Help, please.! This person keep harassing, griefing, and trolling at me and she would not leave me alone. Her username is N. S... Please banned her for life. :[ I'm tired of her drama
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