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  1. Hi, For our in-world store we are looking for employees who are willing to work with a clocking system and several benefits. We expect from you to be human and have good professional stylish looks. Out of proportion bodies or cheap looks shall be refused. If you are interested please IM me 'Electri Resident' or my assistent 'carlanamegane' for a notecard job application.
  2. Hi I am Electri, I am 33 years old and reside in Flanders - Belgium. Within SL I have a very busy and succesful store(s) but in my free time I very much enjoy flying (Blake Sea, airport to airport travelling). I used to have a flying buddy but she left SL and I very much flying with a second, it's just more fun. Goofing around, joking others, showing off planes, exchanging experiences. Anyways are you a frequent flyer and tired of flying solo also, feel free to contact me in-world: 'Electri Resident'
  3. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94777 Good price 'n' quality. There is an in-world store 2. Just type 'electric feel'.
  4. I have my own store in-world and marketplace that sell full outfits for steady price of 99 $. I try to make themed as well as casual outfits. Maybe you can find something to your liking :-) Strictly make for males, because it's true, not much around for us :-( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94777
  5. For clothing and full outfits for male on a good price can also recommend the following store (yes it's my own, but I really trying to focuse on providing for male looks in sl): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94777 There is also a link for inworld store (search 'electric feel'). Full outfits all sell on 99 $. Maybe you can find something on your budget :-)
  6. Hi Sonja, My name is Electri as you can see and I have a clothing brand on the SL Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94777 Our group still needs a few models to make the billboards and for blogreasons. The mainidea is to become friends and have fun in the process. The modelling job itself is when a female outfit is rdy we do a shoutout who is available. Normall modelling takes 15 - 20 mins. You get the outfit ofc and 100 $ for your time (low budget clothing line). If the time extends beyond 30 mins we pay a bonus. In case you interested, feel free to contact me in-world: Electri Resident.
  7. Hey if you wish to start a group or blog I'd be happy to help where I can. I have my own store at marketplace for men and women where I sell full outfits for 10 $ (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94777) and no they do not look noobish. If you want stores or specials included, I'd be happy to help out. Sincerely, Electri
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