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  1. I just love the fact that SL allows us to meet people from all over the world. Often, I am talking to someone and just assume they are right here in my time zone in my country. It is amazing to find out as we talk that they are half way around the world. Politics be damned, we are in this life, SL and RL, together! Oh yeah, Google translate is a wonderful tool. I had a very nice conversation (although a little difficult) with a Portuguese speaking person in Brazil. What fun!
  2. I wish I had time to comment on each photo...these are all so amazing in their own way. I love the variation from a simple studio color background to relaxing in your enviroment to doing what you love to fabulous portraits. And everything in between. So awesome! This is me playing with backgrounds in a studio. Still needs some touch up.
  3. It really is funny how things in SL are like things in RL. Another thread about friends seems to drive that home, but here it applies too. I guess being a tattooist (word?) is not that hard in real life. You have to get some tools, you have to know how to work them. I assume (hope) you have to have certification on sterile technique. In SL, with the right tools, it is not that difficult either. I have created my first tattoo for my Av. It is not ready for me to post a picture yet. I still have to do a lot more work. In both SL and RL, the most important part of the project is creativity and artistry. Yes, in less than an hour I figured out how to put some ink on my Av and even have it in the right location on the body, but, WOW, it looks like crap. The hard part is the most important and makes me rethink what I called "stock and not very original". Hats off to the skilled masters, both RL and SL, that create the beautiful works of art that we wear. I'm still trying though.
  4. Good thoughts from everyone. I always thought the display names were cute and a fun way to display your nickame...Taylor, my friends call me Tay. I have a couple of hearts next to my display name which is non-standard, but easy to read letters. The more I think about it after reading the opinions here, I may be changing my ideas. As a club host, I have struggled with some display names, but always have the option to copy and paste in local chat. I have seen (heard) my DJs struggle with names on mike though. And the more I think about it, why does someone have a display name that has nothing to do with their user name? I understand nick names like a shortened (mine) or variation of the user name, or even a nickname like Tamara (Pookey). But it is odd that someone named John Doe would have a display name of Mike Smith?
  5. Probably not the best choice of words. I just meant enough L$ to keep shopping in SL. I totally agree that we ARE here for fun and obviously not to make a living. I consider not having to pull out the credit card and use real $ very often to be making pretty good money in SL.
  6. That is actually a great way to do it if you have seen the symbol you want. Also, if you have a word processor, you can use Insert and select symbols and choose the one you want. You do have to experiment with fonts to find the symbol you want and make sure it will work in SL. Create your name in the WP and then copy and paste it into the field you want it in SL.
  7. I have a small tattoo on my back in RL. It is only visible with my hair up and a bareback top or dress. I can control when/if it is visible. It's not so much of matter of hiding it as it is controlling when it is discovered. I have been looking for something similar in SL, but had a hard time finding it. I finally did find a couple at Tattoo Shop Dutch Ink (it's in my picks), but there was not much selection. I think she does custom work, but as someone else mentioned, I think I am going to try making my own. I have built things in SL, but never tried clothes or custom AV items, so we will see how it goes. On another note, in RL a tattoo is pretty much for ever. In SL you can change it as often as you like. My intention is to use that fact to experiment, but when I find or create what I want, I intend to consider it permenant in SL and not remove or change it. What are other people's thoughts about that? This is what I have at the moment...pretty stock and not very original...
  8. In front of my house on Seven Across...
  9. I see people come to SL for many reasons. They also stay or leave for many reason. AND, while motivations may change, we all get something different from the interaction. Ishtara, I agree with you totaly, in theory. If this is how you "role play" SL, I hope your friends play the same way. But for many of us, it is different. My SL friends are there when I need them. I can and have contacted offline friends who get the email they have received an offline message and login just to talk to me. Similar to leaving a voice mail and getting a call back. Sure the shoulders and hugs are not physical, but they can be just as helpful. We may not have face to face interaction, but I have helped friends build something, find something, etc. I have loaned L$ before. I have introduced people who become friends and morned friends who leave SL. I know most of my friends RL names, at least first names. I think with many of them, if SL were to go "belly up", we would stay in contact via email, IM, or forums. Very much like pen pals. Even though the relationship is not physical, they are relationships none the less. I agree with your last paragraph that romantic relationships and marrige are role play as those intimate encounters do require physical contact, but I also believe that real friendships can exist without the physical.
  10. I ran across this same one, or at least one just like it. What a scam! SL can be so much like RL it is scary. Nothing is free in life, S or R. But, using the guise of model training and jobs to get you to buy from their store is just fraud. I can't recommend any agency (looking forward to someone who can), but this industry is probably as tough in SL as RL. You pay for the training, you have the basic inventory already, and you MIGHT get to work for free clothes. Only a few ever go on to make any significant L$s.
  11. I currently work for tips and appreciate any that are offered. Big tips are great for my pocket book, but small heart-felt tips make me feel like I performed well. I like getting tips, but I am at the "job" to have fun and entertain.
  12. I've noticed that my profile pictures don't always change when I update them. Sometimes they change a day or two later. I recently changed my profile picture and it finally showed correctly when I viewed my profile after two days. I changed my RL picture a few days ago and it never seemed to change, although checking it at secondlife.com now shows the correct picture. I'll check it in world later as I am at work and avoid logging in to SL 'cause I end up being there for too long.
  13. Can't wait to check this out. Is it suitable to a group going together?
  14. I totally agree Ren...good analogy about the movie. When I join in a new group or venue, I always make a point to respond and even comment lightly to anyone that welcomes me. Then I sit back and pay attention, adding "LOL" or "/me agrees" or something like that as I observe the conversation. I don't jump in with my own comments until I get the flow and know a little about the members. Sometimes it takes several sessions, sometimes just a few minutes. Depends on if the group has a serious discussion going or just idle chatter. I've never felt ignored out of rudness, nearly everyone I have met in SL is nice, but if you jump in to a convo before you have a clue, the regulars may just not know how to respond to something you say. If the group has a leader or the venue has a host, talk to them. They are there to make you feel welcome and as they interact with you the others will usually follow.
  15. Great tips, I can't wait to try this because I never liked how the smile closed the eyes.
  16. I haven't participated in the Forums before, but the Fashion Expert Days are keeping me busy reading. I've been online for about three hours and haven't even gone in-world yet. There are tons of great posts and topics. And links to so many new and interesting locals. I have a list of no less than 20 places I have to check out now. Thanks Experts! Keep helping us to look our best.
  17. I don't take a lot of pictures, so I may have to dig around to find other years. But, here is a 2007 vs 2011 comparision of me.
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