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  1. Took me forever to come up with a title that explains what I am seeking. If you have experience performing live with Karaoke music as your accompaniment, then mission complete. Yay! :matte-motes-big-grin: Yes, I am a budding SL performer. But, I have been singing in front of a live audience for decades in real life. That also included a real life piano player and a real life band. Unfortunately, I dont have that luxury on SL and my mother encouraged me to sing as a child and not learn to play a musical instrument. So here I am having to rely on Karaoke music as my backgroud. Are you an experienced live SL singer who performs this way? If so, are you willing to freely give up a bit of time to mentor this ole Lady on the following: *Proper equipment needed *Recommended Karaoke services *Getting a Manager ~ Yes or No *Tips to keep an audience coming back for more And more.... Sound good? Great! Drop me a line via Notecard inworld. My debut has been booked for August 22nd, so time is of the essence. Hope to hear from you soon! Neeyoko aka "Nee"
  2. Okay, I saw this thread and instead of starting a new one that is basically surrounded around the same topic, I thought I would ask my question here. I, too, am starting my singing career. I've been advised to purchase a SM58+X2u USB Digital Bundle and before this thread, I really didn't have any idea where I should subscribe for karaoke songs. Singsnap was suggested, but their selection of Jazz/Blues to my liking is limited. KaraFun looks good. Are there any other suggestions and tips? Not your Linden....I'll take that later. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Sculpty hands....what a great alternative! Thank you thank you! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  4. This has definitely been a lesson learned. Thank you all for your guidance and support. If I had asked questions of the seller first, her/his personality would have come through and whether the hands were of the right color or not, I would not have purhcased from them. There is a part of me that wants revenge, but know that karma's a B&%ch and what goes around will come around to them eventually anyway. Again, thank you! :matte-motes-smile:
  5. Apologies all around. First time posting here and didn't know not to mention names. They have been removed. I guess I will have to chalk my loss up to experience. Hopefully, this will be the last time someone makes such a mistake -- here and with purchasing a skin.
  6. Hello, All. Normally, I would not use the forums as a platform to complain. But, after the shocked I received a moment ago, I feel it is my duty to warn others. Two days ago, I purchased a skin. I tried the Demo on first and although I liked the look of the skin, the hands were very dark. So dark that they were not cohesive with the rest. However, as creators will often do to make it standout that what you are wearing is a Demo, I figured the extra dark hands were their way of marking the skin. So, I purchased it....I was wrong. What I saw on the Demo was truly what I got and at a price of 1799L, I felt I should let the buyer know and see if there was a solution. Today, I received a nasty IM from the seller telling me that if I dont like their product, dont buy it and that is what Demos are for. Before the seller could respond with another nasty remark, I blocked them. I guess it is best to take how a Demo looks as gospel. Thank you :matte-motes-grin: (Edited due to TOS)
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