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  1. I understood everything perfectly. Not the problem. I do not need to change the script. I'm interested in the cause of the problem.
  2. It is true, but now you know why your script doesn't work. Just fix that llSetAlpha statement. And if you have a multi-prim object, you'll have to rewrite the script to use llSetLinkAlpha so that more than one prim becomes transparent. My script works, but it works strange. For me, the problem does not make the object transparent, and find out why it strange works.
  3. Nova Convair wrote: The script will always make the prim invisible. Always. If you put it in an object hat is made of 10 prims for example it will make the root prim invisible. The other 9 prims will stay as they are. This is not quite true. I have created an object from one prim and he did not become invisible when placed script If y ou have an object with more than one prim, this script will not turn all prims transparent. If you rez your object in a no-script zone, it won't do anything. this does not explain the phenomenon.
  4. Outside, did not understand. The script has been tested in the same place. It works by changing the object but operates differently! In one case, the object is invisible, otherwise it is seen.
  5. The object is not deleted. It becomes invisible. Here's a script Skript‚ rainbow // :CATEGORY:Rainbow // :NAME:L94arainbowroy // :AUTHOR:Dana Moore // :CREATED:2010-01-10 05:20:56.000 // :EDITED:2013-09-18 15:38:56 // :ID:444 // :NUM:600 // :REV:1.0 // :WORLD:Second Life // :DESCRIPTION: // L9.4a-rainbow-roy.lsl // :CODE: // Copyright © 2008, Scripting Your World // All rights reserved. // // Scripting Your World // By Dana Moore, Michael Thome, and Dr. Karen Zita Haigh // http://syw.fabulo.us // http://www.amazon.com/Scripting-Your-World-Official-Second/dp/0470339837/ // // You are permitted to use, share, and adapt this code under the // terms of the Creative Commons Public License described in full // at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode. // That means you must keep the credits, do nothing to damage our // reputation, and do not suggest that we endorse you or your work. integer NUM_PARTICLES_PER_RADIAN = 50; float RAINBOW_ARC = PI_BY_TWO; startRainbowROY() { integer numParticles = (integer)(RAINBOW_ARC * NUM_PARTICLES_PER_RADIAN); float age = 10.0; // you can also use these in the call float burstRate = 0.2; // to llParticleSystem() float total = (age * numParticles) / burstRate; llOwnerSay("This emitter manages "+(string)total +" particles"); // Based on Listing B.1. Unchanged values removed to save trees llParticleSystem( [ PSYS_PART_FLAGS, PSYS_PART_INTERP_COLOR_MASK | // change colour PSYS_PART_INTERP_SCALE_MASK | // let it grow PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_VELOCITY_MASK, //Appearance PSYS_PART_START_SCALE, <2.0, 0.3, 0.0>, // <1,1,0>, PSYS_PART_END_SCALE, <2.5, 0.3, 0.0>, // <1,1,0>, PSYS_PART_START_COLOR, <1.0, 1.0, 0.0>, // <1,1,1>, PSYS_PART_END_COLOR, <1.0, 0.2, 0.0>, // <1,1,1>, PSYS_PART_START_ALPHA, 0.8, // 1.00, PSYS_PART_END_ALPHA, 0.8, // 1.00, //Flow PSYS_PART_MAX_AGE, age, // 10.00, PSYS_SRC_BURST_RATE, burstRate, // 0.10, PSYS_SRC_BURST_PART_COUNT, numParticles, // 1, //Placement PSYS_SRC_PATTERN, PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_ANGLE, // DROP, PSYS_SRC_BURST_RADIUS, 15.0, // 0.00, PSYS_SRC_ANGLE_BEGIN, 0.0, // 0.00, PSYS_SRC_ANGLE_END, RAINBOW_ARC, // 0.00, //Movement PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MIN, 0.1, // 1.00, PSYS_SRC_BURST_SPEED_MAX, 0.1 // 1.00, ]); } default { state_entry() { llSetAlpha(ALL_SIDES,0); startRainbowROY(); } on_rez(integer _n) { llResetScript(); } } // END //
  6. I have an object that disappears when I put a certain script. Other objects do not disappear when I put in these objects this script. What is the difference between objects ?
  7. Thank you very much, everything turned out. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  8. A text editor - like notepad++ for example - allows block select. I downloaded the text Editore. How to remove unwanted numbers? http://gyazo.com/e0c2dfb5714ffaff63de676e58293bed
  9. But it raises the question of where you got this script ( There simulator associated with second Life. Called Tacos. He used to study the Russian language and belongs to the Pushkin Institute. This is taken from there. Who can write a macro to remove the extra digits for money?
  10. Yes, thank you, everything turned out. The only problem is big, had to manually delete the numbers on the left in the script, otherwise writes "a mistake." It is surprising that so stupidly did. There is some possibility to delete numbers automatically?
  11. Save your file in .wav format (16 bit pcm coded mono) Divide it into pieces that are each exact 10 seconds long. Upload all of the 10 second files to SL. Right click on each uploaded file in inventory and get the UUID. Put the UUID's into the script. (in the right order) Expect that the transitions are not always smooth. Thank you, I understand, but how to do so, to run this script?
  12. The script for the music A few questions 1. How do I run a script to hear the music? 2. How do I transfer audio file in the code that you see in this script? I think need a special program. In what form need music (midi, mp3)? caramell_dansen_song 1 list music = [ 2 "77a160fa-f8ef-3f1f-eb4a-8a6e422552e1", 3 "eed92d3e-404e-99b0-62b6-8a53fe66a661", 4 "36e2c7c4-b72d-34ff-a176-a018e383dc2f", 5 "5aaf5344-ee5e-b439-a533-ccfd38e96ca7", 6 "a45f162e-229e-4c4b-5230-40f3b1331075", 7 "e832ea7f-ba18-6318-f65b-b2aa905de565", 8 "061d2028-3878-ea5e-3de8-e0898f753e63", 9 "4390c4d0-843e-a9b1-8b3d-27389021d198", 10 "76eacfce-094f-2089-7ee1-35ea84cf47b4", 11 "45b2649f-1d2c-5455-ba9d-7ac9e7b1672c", 12 "72226579-eb24-3cbb-3ca8-4317ed4a57d0", 13 "054009aa-6034-9e34-39cb-60f4e8e171e3", 14 "9f38b9ec-fd0b-e51b-69e9-cb2f00e12027", 15 "c930c9d7-9539-86e7-65dd-aeb2789aecc2", 16 "9ec9c129-15f7-ec92-1b28-eaf772e372b5", 17 "53df30f4-33a5-3ae6-9888-d1f560cd9875", 18 "fa63c473-cb93-43cf-e4ce-fcb3d704b37b", 19 "1344cf7f-7d4d-f975-f47f-ea2ac6d1c956"]; 20 default 21 { 22 touch_start(integer zomg) 23 { 24 llSay(0, "Playing..."); 25 integer lolinteger =0; 26 while(TRUE) 27 { 28 if(llList2String(music, lolinteger) != "") 29 { 30 llPlaySound(llList2String(music, lolinteger),1); 31 llSleep(10); 32 ++lolinteger; 33 } 34 if(llList2String(music, lolinteger) == "") 35 { 36 llResetScript(); 37 } 38 } 39 } 40 }
  13. I removed the script "rainbow" of the object. Rezz object over a rainbow appeared. What could it be?
  14. Thank you very much. Everything turned out well. At the same time able to solve old problems. What script is needed, so that the object became invisible?
  15. I was the object. I added it to a script Rainbow http://www.outworldz.com/lib/L94arainbowroy/L94arainbowroy/Object/ The object disappeared. A rainbow appeared. Watch the screen. Where is the object and how to find it?
  16. Одна из причин, что владельцам симуляторов это не надо. Что касается конкретно СЛ, то это коммерческая сеть, в отличии от Опен Симулятор Грид. Поэтому объединение пока невозможно.
  17. The study of Russian. Pushkin Institute Hi! Are you interested in learning Russian in SL pleace im in worlds AlexandreLois1 Resident
  18. I started to do things. Opened a shop. I need a good teacher. Payment in Linden dollars. That's my job.
  19. and what should I look for? By the way, where to see the statistics of visits to the store?
  20. Everything already appeared. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/165624
  21. Hi! I now opened a shop. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/165624 I uploaded the item to the store from the Viewer, which just opened, but can not find it and see. What's wrong?
  22. Это невозможно пока сделать. Но я думаю в будущем подобные миры объединятся и это будет возможно. А Вы уже создали свой мир внутри опен сим ??? Хотелось бы посмотреть !
  23. yes, it would be appropriate. But I do not think for me it's so important to make such a complex search.
  24. I believe that this can not be (knowing the reality of Second Life). I'm sure it's a conspiracy.
  25. I wanted to see the European Parliament. There is no such place. That can not be! Can someone explain?
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