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  1. I am having trouble with this as well. First I tried using 2 viewers. My primary viewer is Viewer 3 so I was logged in with that and tried to log in on the second account with Phoenix. The second account would not log in. I tried logging in twice in Viewer 3 but the second window just became unresponsive. I wasn't able to log in at all. I have the box checked to allow multiple log ins,
  2. Thank you for the replies. I see this both in world and in the marketplace.
  3. I've noticed over the course of several months that I'm seeing duplicates at a few hair stores. Even the models in the photos and marketplace listings appear to be the same. Yet all these stores have different names. I've noticed similar things with some other products like shoes. Here are some examples of what seems to be shops carrying the same hairs. There may be others. This is just what I've come across. Karin Lane Beautiful Dirty Rich Edelstore I'm hoping someone can explain this to me. Are people just copying others' designs and selling them? How do I know whose design I'm really getting? Or does one person have multiple stores with different names?
  4. I use Google Chrome as my primary browser but frequently have problems accessing the marketplace. I often just get a white screen. When this happens, I will try loading the marketplace in another browser like Firefox and things will work fine. Are there any known problems with Chrome and the marketplace?
  5. I recommend Patula's House. This store has a variety of boots, heels, and casual shoes. All are right around 100L. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avatars/53/65/38 Viviane has a 10L shoe section. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet%20Turtle/194/165/28
  6. I am very new to building and have only done a few basic items. I am considering putting some items in the Marketplace but have some questions before I do. I am not skilled enough yet to make every component on my own and am wondering if and when it's acceptable to use items from others in something I want to sell. For example, I recently made a chair that includes sculpted items, animations, and scripts from other sellers. Can I list this and sell it? Also, I made an error recently and purchased a sitting pose system that only allows for one pose on an object. Since I'm still learning, I didn't realize this. My intention was to have multiple poses. I assume the item is non refundable. It also cannot be transferred. Would I be able to sell it to someone? Thank you.
  7. I have friends who have SL parents, siblings, etc. I am curious what the best way is to find/join a family. I am not a child avatar if it makes a difference. I'm an adult. Thank you.
  8. Marianne Little wrote: Coming late, but try CS Design, Chronos Serenity. Unless I was at the wrong place, it appears the majority of these shoes are the color change type that I don't care for. I found a few locations when I searched and this is one that I ended up at. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Venice%20Passion/192/195/22
  9. Thank you for the suggestions. I will check them out.
  10. Most of my jewelry comes from Alienbear. Blog In World
  11. I could use some suggestions for women's shoe stores that are affordable (I'm looking 100L or less). I have two favorites that I've gotten things from, but sometimes neither has what I'm looking for. Here are the two I shop at. What other stores can you suggest? Thanks! Ali's Patula's House I've actually grown to dislike the color change shoes because of always having to change the color! It would be nice if I could save copies in different colors. I have outfits saved and, I like to change quickly. Last thing I want is to have to edit my shoes.
  12. I do not wish to "smear" anyone. I was simply wondering if there was a place that one could provide feedback on a seller (good or bad) that may be helpful to other shoppers. It would be nice to give a thumbs up to some sellers as well. There are very constructive ways to comment on a transaction gone wrong that don't involve insulting or attacking the seller. For example, not having a redlivery terminal or a group chat available might be something I would note. Simply facts. The notecard I sent the seller contained a copy of the transaction and a statement from me that the item is not in my inventory. I would have had no reason to threaten anyone.
  13. I have received nothing. I noticed the inaccuracy in the transaction history when I went to copy the information in the initial message I sent to the seller. I went back to the store to see if I perhaps selected the wrong skin, and this is unlikely. I had to search for the one listed in the transaction. It wasn't anywhere near the one I intended to putchase. Chelsea Malibu wrote: Airway wrote: When I look in my transaction history the item listed is not the item I intended to purchase. It's a different skin at the same price. If they send me the item and go off of that, I won't get the item I want. Your last comment reads significantly different than your first post. Are you saying now you did get your product, it just was not what you wanted? If they have placed a wrong product in the vendor, then that is deceptive and you can report that to LL under an abuse report. If this is just an error on your buying the wrong thing, it is more than likely a copy no transfer skin. Also, if you made a purchase and got nothing for that purchase, then there too you should file an AR if they do not respond. Is it possible you bought an item from the wrong vendor and realized it later? I don;t mean to be the devil's advocate however, on a copy and no transfer item (which skins usually are) this is not something may merchants will support you on and is why they have demos.
  14. When I look in my transaction history the item listed is not the item I intended to purchase. It's a different skin at the same price. If they send me the item and go off of that, I won't get the item I want. Pamela Galli wrote: I am curious why you would want a refund for the item rather than the item itself. Could you explain that?
  15. The item is a skin. I was going to get some other items at the same store such as the matching shape but fortunately I didn't. I don't believe this was a boxed item, but I'm not certain. Tiffy Vella wrote: I think leaving a notecard and IM to the store owner, as it sounds like you've done, is the perfect start. Not everybody is able to log in everyday, so I'd wait a few days to see what response you get. The merchant will most likely happily redeliver the item for you, but is probably just busy with RL work. In my experience, the vast majority are great like that, but you just have to give them time. Out of interest, did you purchase the item through a scripted vendor, or by buying box contents?
  16. I purchased an item in world over 24 hours ago. I was charged but do not have the item. I've made numerous attempts to contact the store. I've been unable to find a redelivery terminal or a group joiner that would allow me to ask a question in a group. I'm quite shocked that such a large store has a web site, blog, and basically no customer service for issues like this. I have submitted a ticket requesting a refund for the item. What is also concerning is the transaction history shows a diffent item than the one I intended to purhcase. The amount though is correct. I know I can review products purchased in the marketplace but is there any way to review a store in a situation like this? Any other suggestions on what I could do?
  17. What group would you recommend for in world help? Every so often I have a question come up and end up asking in a group for a store or beach which isn't really appropriate. There must be a group specifically for this purpose that I can join. Thank you.
  18. I suspect this is a viewer setting so I am posting here. I use Viewer 3. I'm unable to see any group tags that other avatars are wearing. I sometimes get comments on whatever tag I am wearing, so I know others can see mine. How do I make these visible? Thank you.
  19. All 3 of these have in world stores as well. ACA Racer https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/69816 Black Spot https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13195 Tuff Old Boats https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/56
  20. I recomment Sascha's. Group members get a free gown every month. If you join you have access to all the previous monthly gowns as well. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coco%20Beach%20Kelina/226/202/24
  21. Tempura Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/tempura%20island/132/227/41 Amorosa http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amorosa/201/128/21 Foxxies http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ShadowFox/187/133/29
  22. Thanks for your replies. I suspected that was the case. I will definitely advise others against visiting this location.
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