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  1. Not many people must listen to polka. :-)
  2. I am looking for streaming polka music for my parcel. I have tried several links from Shoutcast and a few other sources, but all I get is silence in world. I am able to play other genres just fine. Can anyone direct me to a polka stream that will play? Thank you.
  3. Tamara Artis wrote: When saving snapshots to my drive, there are several options for size of the pics, starting from screen size and ending with one where you can raise it as high as it can get (think mine is at 6k). So, when I make photos, all graphics are on ultra and I save them as big as I can, my whole viewer freezes for few seconds and I get that "(not respongind)". But it goes away after the pic is saved. Have you tried to make snapshots are lower graphic settings and change sizes? I tried saving the picture to a smaller size and it saved without problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. No, I am not even familiar with what that is.
  5. I am using Viewer 3 and this is my computer. I am having trouble saving an in world snapshot to my computer. It seems to save to my inventory just fine. When I select save to computer the window asking where I want to save the file to pops up but when I try to select the location and save both SL and this window freeze for a moment. Sometimes I will see "non responding" at the top of the file location window. To resolve ths issue, I am closing the window and then SL unfreezes; however, the picture is not saved. I have also tried saving pictures from my inventory to my computer but I have a similar result.
  6. I purchased this item and so far it is not working. :smileyfrustrated: I have tried sending two IMs to different people and neither one has gotten it. The instructions seem pretty simple. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/XD-Send-IM-From-Email-with-only-Knowing-the-Avatars-Name/1853436 UPDATE: Ugh it works but the message shows up in local chat not as an IM pop up, so who is going to see it?? Many people don't follow local chat. Wasted 200L.
  7. I'm familiar with having IMs sent to email; however, what if I want to send a message to someone that didn't send me an IM? Can I still send a message to someone without having one to reply to?
  8. I am going to be away from SL indefinitely and am wondering if it is still possible to communicate with friends without having to log in. I've seen some products in the marketplace that claim to allow one to use email to send IMs. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Thank you. Here is one example of a product I saw: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/XD-Send-IM-From-Email-with-only-Knowing-the-Avatars-Name/1853436
  9. I have been flying in SL for a few months. I started with a helicopter which I was able to learn pretty quickly on my own. Now i have this plane and am struggling with learning how to fly it. I've visited a few airports, and I think I have mastered taking off. One of the problems I am facing is getting lost. I have noticed some airports offer flight school and am wondering if this is something that would help. I'm a novice with this, so if anyone can provide me some direction I would greatly appreciate it. Is there a particular school you would recommend? Thank you.
  10. How do I save commonly used phrases I use in chat so I don't have to retype them all the time? I'm guessing these can be saved for use with the function keys(?). I'm using Viewer 3 on a PC. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your replies. I was able to log in to another location without any problem.
  12. When I try to log in I see a message that says unable to connect to simulator. I have never seen this before. What is the problem? Using Viewer 3. Thank you.
  13. Some suggestions for formal gowns: Sascha's http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coco%20Beach%20Kelina/226/202/24 Purple Moom http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etherea/110/76/1366 Son!a http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edge/130/121/31 AZUL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/joia%20azul/128/128/28
  14. I am having a problem where I rez an object as usual by dragging it from my inventory into my home but the object fails to appear. I don't see any type of error or message. The object seems to go missing as it is not in my inventory after I attempt to rez it. I have asked the group I rent my skybox from, and they advised me to relog. This hasn't solved the problem. I contacted the seller of one of the items that has gone missing but have not yet received a reply. I have had several items now missing from my inventory for a few days. I have searched my inventory for these items and also checked my lost items folder, and the items are nowhere to be found. Are these items gone for good? Is there a way to get them back?
  15. Coby Foden wrote: After removing the other tattoo (leaving only one) rebake Ctrl-Alt-R. After that when you see the skin all right, add the other tattoo back. Your skin should stay normal. However as the tattoo layer bug has not been resolved yet, the problem may appear again some day. If that happens, then do again the same as explained here. Yes, removing my eyebrow tattoo seems to fix the problem. Very strange though. I've been wearing the same eyebrow tattoo later with this skin for many months and never had a problem.
  16. Coby, I tried your suggestion but unfortunately it did not solve the problem.
  17. Coby Foden wrote: If you have HTTP textures on it might help turning it off. From menu (In V3 based viewers): "Develop, HTTP textures". After that clear cache, relog and let the inventory load. If you cannot see the "Develop" menu press Ctrl-Alt-Q. I will try this. I discovered something else about the problem. When I changed to a different hair, the gray disappeared and my face appeared normally. One of the hairstyles I wear regularly has a tattoo base layer. Sometimes I wear the red hair and sometimes the black in the same style. While I was wearing the red today my face was gray, but when I switched to the black my face appeared normally. I didn't make any change to my skin. Other than the tattoo hair base, I wear an eyebrow tattoo layer. Thank you to all for your help so far.
  18. Changing clothing only does nothing to fix this for me. So far my only solution is to wear another skin. I'm no skin creator but a skin shouldn't just fail one day, should it?
  19. It is the only part on my body that is gray. Yes, others have told me they see it the same as I do.
  20. No, I haven't contacted the creator. I've had this skin for months and just suddenly this happened. Wouldn't a problem with the skin have occurred right away? Unfortunately the store I bought it from has very poor customer service, and I have never had much success in getting any help from them. I can certainly try though.
  21. For the past 3 days this is how my face is appearing. I have tried rebaking, relogging, clearing the cache, and none of these has worked. If I put on a different skin this solves the problem. The skin I currently wear has 9 variations with different make-up, so I am just wearing a different variation at the moment. What is wrong?
  22. I purchased a wardrobe organizer and unfortunately I'm not really using it. Would be great if I could give to someone else. I've been looking at inventory organizers and am wondering if people find these useful or if perhaps I would end up with something else I wouldn't use. I've read some of the reviews in the marketplace but thought I might get some better information here. Here are a few I've been looking at. Would anyone recommend for or against a particular one? What has been your experience with these? Is there another one I've missed? Any information would be helpful. Thank you. J&M Creations K&D Design Prims Magic This one has a demo I may try out. Dvanda Pixel Trix
  23. Here are some locations that have large packages of free animations. Newbie World http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trifolii/138/26/25 Riley's Freebies http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/144/39/33 Svea http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone%20Pike/50/205/24
  24. I am considering a premium membership and looked at the prices for monthly, quarterly, and annual. Does premium have to be billed automatically or can I manually renew when the time comes? I ask because I may or may not decide to keep it depending on how I like the benefits.
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