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  1. I frequently see clothing and other items for sale in world and on marketplace that have a sports team or company logo of some sort.  I'm curious about the legality of selling these items to make a profit.  If I come across these items, should I report them?

    Also, if I make an item with a logo for my own personal use and don't put for sale is thie acceptable?  

  2. I have a full perm racing helmet with texture maps. I am looking for someone that would be able to do a custom texture for me based on a photo. I've done some basic building myself but am not brave enough to attempt this. If you don't do this kind of thing yourself maybe you know someone who might? Thank you in advance.
  3. I have a 5 prim chair that I would like to add maybe 10 textures to and have the ability to change the textures from a menu that comes up when I click the chair. The chair has a 1 prim frame and 4 prims of cushions. I do not want the frame to change texture only the cushions. I see many texture change scripts in the marketplace. What will work for this, and how do I set it up so only the desired 4 prims change texture? Thank you.
  4. I recently started working with the AV Sitter to put animations into furniture. I have done just fine with single animations. My question is how do I adjust couple animations if I am only one avatar? I do not have an alt. is there some kind of dummy available for this? Thank you.
  5. For the past 3 days I have been unable to rez on my own land.  I am wearing the appropriate group tag but receive this message whenever I try to rez something:

    Can't rez object at { 156.891, 101.942, 3007.71 } because the owner of this land does not allow it.  Use the land tool to see land ownership.

    I have been able to successfully rez objects on other SIMs.  I am able to attach an item to my avatar and select the drop option.  This is the only solution I have found so far.  There are close to 1,000 prims available, and the objects I've tried to rez are no more than 10 prims.  I attempted to submit a support ticket but none of the category options were appropriate for this problem.

  6. Is there an option to post a photo to my SL feed if I didn't just take the photo?  When I save a photo in my viewer I see an option to post to feed but I cannot find any option to post a photo in my profile in the viewer or on my.secondlife.com if it's already been saved.  I only see a field to enter text.


  7. I tried to rez a box full of thousands of lindens of furniture on my land.  I got no error message but the box also didn't appear when I rezzed it.  It has disappeared from my inventory.  I have checked lost and found, done an area search, searched my inventory for the name of the box, relogged, and the item is still missing.  I have no record of what was all in it but it was a lot.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  It would be horrible if I lost all the contents.  :matte-motes-crying:

  8. I am wondering if a product exists that allows couple walks such as holding hands without the need to rez something.  I searched the marketplace and many say the ability to rez is required.  I looked at this product from Vista Animations.  It doesn;t require the ability to rez, but I also don;t see any walking animations in it.

    Thank you for any help.

  9. Innula Zenovka wrote:

    One thing  I would check, though -- many animation systems (not all, but many) reset themselves when the object is rezzed and -- for reasons I've never fully understood, I have to say -- require the object's owner to touch them to complete the restart process.   So putting the bed in the rezzer for your friend to use when you're not there may not be a workable option (though it would be, of course, if you simply want to save space and rez the bed yourself when it was needed).

    Yes, the bed is like this.  I also have a hot tub and couch that do the same thing.  Even if I simply move the object to a different position in the room without derezzing it I get the message that I have to touch it to activate.

  10. Thanks for your reply.  I think the purpose of putting the script in the bed was so it would rez in the position I wanted it to.  Is this possible without having to do this or will the bed rez where it wants to and I'll have to move it?  The reason I'm not rezzing from inventory is so a friend can also rez the item if I am not there.

  11. I have been seeking a script that I can use to rez objects such as furniture items in my home.  I have furniture items that don't need to be out and takIing up prims all the time but that would be nice to rez easily.  I am not sure if what I am looking for is possible.  I purchased this script but either am not using it properly or it is not suited for what I am trying to do.  

    One furniture item I am trying to work with is a bed that has transfer permission only.  The problem with the script I bought is in order to rez the item at a specific location it seems I need to add a script to the contents of the bed but cannot do this since it is no modify.  

    Is is possible to be able to rez items like this that are no modify?  Does such a script or gadget exist?

  12. Probably like many I have a large amount of clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc in my inventory that I don't use.  I would love to be able to share these items with a newbie friend but many are no transfer.  If I temporarily grant someone permission to edit and take my objects, can I share these no transfer items if I box them and put them out?  I understand the risk of doing this, so I am very careful about who I would grant such permission to.

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