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  1. Btw, I am a she. I am not a forum troll. I was being quite honest, really. I got my answer, so don't judge people. ^o^! Sorry I keep replying because people assume things. Now I am OFFICALLY off. I have to go to bed now and get ready for school. <.> Gotta study, study, study! Going to became a scientist. Farewell good people... and... judgers?
  2. I don;t have time to be making stuff since I have a life to attend to. I only get on weekends ya know? I'm doin' college courses. Toodles people! No hard feelings~
  3. Hmm, I cannot make stuff... so I'm leaving SL. Thank you for telling me, I would've wasted so much time being on here. Not many people on either. Going back to Impressive title, and feral heart. Delete my account admins if you wish, so long SL not going to misss you!:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  4. Well... do you? I cannot afford to be giving out my information just to get pixel money. (Nor is it worth it, since it is pixels) If not, then what other ways are there? If yes, then I will leave SL if I cannot enjoy all the features, like buying things I want without paying ridiculous amount of money for pixels.
  5. I downloaded Second Life, and started playing for like 15 mins tops. Then I decide... "Hey why not edit my profile?" I click it, then I clicked browse to select a picture... then it froze completely. I used Task Manager to close it out, and now I can no longer access the game. I cannot get in. I even tried un-installing it, but it's still the same. Please help I really want to play this game. I don't want to go back to crummy Feral Heart! D=!!
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