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  1. Thanks for responding, as you replied that dont have to be premium to buy linden.. is it count as sell linden as well?
  2. Hi I am Tim and just back active to sl couple months ago and try to connect my CC and paypal but keep get notif like this : https://gyazo.com/5c22d19d4fab178dd8228e366ef86742 how to set all for me to make easy in buy and selling linden as i wanna start doing Amaretto Horses Business I was member before and before off couple years ago i down grade my membership. So for able do buy and sell Linden to my RL acc.. should i be a paid member again? thank you for help and sorry for my english Regard, TIM
  3. i want to change my profile pic from web but keep get notif that i have no access to do that. so what wrong in it and what should i do to fix it. thx
  4. i am premium accountin sl and already choose my linden home. but i still cant put my things there cos see a red cross circle box that mean i cant build/drop object in that house.. what shoul i do.. i am a newbie here :( thx for help me out.. :)
  5. Kelly can you help me too? I am premium account and already get my home that i choose, but like i know before that i cant change the house but i can putmy thigs in that house.. but the prob is I cant ut anything in my own home. cos i see "building/dropping object not allowed' that show as box with cros red circle sign in there.. hope you can halp me out as i am a new mwmber in sl... thx
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