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  1. Pretty safe to assume, the reason for the layoffs is any investments from outside or inside have been canceled, retracted or what have you. And the reason for such investment withdrawal is probably linked directly back to 20 avg monthly users after several years of development. The money spigot runneth dry... Even if ALL of the money was coming from SL, that's not just free money, investors, board members control that. If you're money isn't gaining money, it better be showing possible signs of potential to gain money down the road or all you have is a bunch of foolish investors throwing money out the door
  2. You need more than just a pretty front end, you need a viable foundation, a solid game engine coupled with physics engine and graphics engine. You need lots of devs working on said foundation and a good sense of gaming direction. Unity and Unreal are a few such engines. Places like SL, Sansar target a different idea, a social user created content place. This gets very complicated trying to take on all that in one mix. Users (content creators) tend to vary from really good to really bad. This is of course natural with it being wide open to all creators. But the devs have to try to please both ends of that spectrum and that can strain things. You get one crowd wanting the avatars to look awesome, and another crowd wanting better ways to script and another wanting more options for materials, etc etc. Quickly becomes a daunting expensive proposition where you will never make them all happy.
  3. there's really no need to test, 800 people do not simply show up for 2 mins then leave. has the average monthly users gone from 20 to 25? maybe, but no matter it's still super low and now there's practically no staff remaining. time to accept it's death spiral I think I get the appeal for wanting it to survive, I wanted it too, but the development and design that I was seeing was simply not conducive to that effort. and the results are as expected
  4. Here's the last 2 weeks of "reported by them" data, see anything remotely fishy? https://gyazo.com/13d6edb6818738641962b45f4773df81
  5. Please don't believe their reported numbers in experiences, they have been severely broke since the beginning of the year. Look at the long term average and you will quickly see there is some very busted counting math at work. https://gyazo.com/14a1ee848e34171df2ac68a1dcf68966
  6. I knew it! the $970 extra dollars for the Valve index is all profit! 🙄
  7. The remaining 2 people on the Sansar staff are surely going to get right on this 🤣
  8. VR wasn't even the issue at all there. It was the lack of core implemented features you'd expect to find in any user creation platform. You didn't need VR at all there. What you do need is things like the ability to programatically control an animation or modify the UI programatically. Core things that just never got addressed. Instead they focused on social aspects, resulting in the best thing you could do was stand around and chat...whoopdeedooo Today's users want gaming, simple as that. The market share for standing around chatting pales in comparison About the only way social would work is if you coupled it with adult content, otherwise you've sealed your fate on a smaller selective audience Had they gotten this up and running before VR-Chat and Rec-room beat them out the door to, they might have been able to acquire the small amount of social only users, but not after the fact. The only other option would have been to close SL when they opened Sansar, but that could have been fatal to the bread and butter stream, far too risky
  9. 20 people, no it's not dead, it just never came to life is all. Not everything needs to be bleeding to be considered dead. Simply need to show no signs of life.
  10. This should come as no surprise to anyone that tried to develop at Sansar. The writing has been on the wall for the better part of a year. Ashame really, the place launched with super potential. Could have competed with the likes of Unity or Unreal, but they wanted to focus on social VR instead If there should be one take away from this it's that you don't build a social platform, you build a platform and then IF social happens you let it. SL's success was in supplying tools, letting the social occur naturally on it's own
  11. The avatars used to be fairly ok until Avatar 2.0 Now they look rather hideous But I don't think it really matters much anymore
  12. Numbers are way up! Congrats Sansar team (on failing to correct basic counting bugs...) https://gyazo.com/d4a35dd875bdca842861269ce63af75a
  13. One of their biggest problems is and has been retention of users. As such the "early adopters" have mostly moved on. The lifespan of a users retention is related to the sum of "things you can do" and that's where it all breaks down. 6 months to 2 years for the very forgiving optimistic types. You are seeing round 2 or 3 now of peer groups in there now. They have yet to focus heavy and hard on the interactivity nature from a coding perspective. And so won't likely reach that long term retention until so. Cutting back half the staff probably isn't the best path forward to achieve that.
  14. "Sansar is bad because the money could have been spent on SL." I see this argument a lot. Sansar has plenty of things you can point to other than that, but everyone seems to latch on to the worst argument there is. Why? Stop and ask yourself why they decided to make a new thing instead of try to band aid an old thing even longer. It was a wise business decision, just executed horribly wrong.
  15. The headset or its cost isn't the problem with VR really. It's the lack of compelling content. You come up with the killer app and IT will drag VR along with it. The killer app is NOT standing around chatting...
  16. Steam tracks different data, but it looks to mostly concur with public data I collect. Any company can hold special events to boost averages. What matters is retention and conversion to an active member. Some events do that, introduction to Steam didn't seem to much, monstercat seems to have boosted it some. In concurrent numbers there is also the case of new retentions minus attritions (old members leaving). End result after a dip last month they are up 2-2.5 monthly average members this month.
  17. If there's 200 people in a company and 70 are working on the new product, that should tell you form a business perspective how important it is to them. Spent plenty on it, but not what it really needed for the grand scale of it. They weighed the pros and cons or retro fitting all the newer tech into SL, and Sansar was born from that. It was a wise move, just not funded to necessity is all. Trust me I'm not defending it as a platform, I've given up hope on it for now. But as a business decision to do so I'm absolutely sure it was and is the right move. They may surprise me yet, but I'm not expecting it anytime soon.
  18. Is it up? is it down? depends on where you look. It is at about 14 now. But overall gains more like a 1/2 a user a month. Ashame they didn't invest more in it. https://gyazo.com/43239bab7c8d637702927e374feba0f7
  19. If they came out and told you they were hoping it would replace SL with Sansar that would be the equivalent of showing people your cards in a high stakes poker game
  20. The only thing wrong with Sansar is they haven't taken enough money from SL to hire enough devs to push it forward faster. From a business perspective it makes total sense to build a new and better technology platform than to retro fit an old one. Granted they have to be smart about how gradual they shift people over from SL as it's the bread and butter. And most probably won't shift, they will fall to natural attrition, but this was a must do thing. Sansar has a long way to go yet, but it is poised to be much better than SL, assuming some day they get more on par with the likes of Unity or Unreal and figure out how to allow adult content.
  21. And I bet you the percent of people leaving second life or the percent of new customers going to other places has very little to do with the amount of new features being added to second life compared to people simply wanting new things like Sansar or VR Chat
  22. see many more pics of things people made here https://profiles.sansar.com/profiles/gindipple/experiences/sancraft/snapshots
  23. https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/gindipple/sancraft Comes complete with a builder's HUD too Super fun for kids of all ages (even 50)
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