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  1. Ironically that's what she thought the first answer was going to be lol Yea I'm used to ticket systems and corporate ownership responsiveness, sad state of affairs. Maybe I'll waste my time on that route, but by no means expecting results from that venture. Maybe I just revert back to world of warcraft, it was stable. Hrmm wonder if it had something to do with 11 million paying customers LMAO
  2. Her computer is 3 months old, she wants to reinstall the OS as well, which I see as a ludicrus avenue. People have all too often jumped at reinstalling the OS when an application is what is clearly at fault. I have had her get recent grafix card drivers, and for the last 2 logins she hasn't crashed, so I'm slightly opptomistic with that, but nervously too. My biggest issue is if it continues to crash, what are the official Linden's avenue of resolving this? Do I open a ticket that says game crashes? I mean I'm a computer programmer and it's sad that that is all I could basically tell them. D
  3. unfortunately I can't remote into her machine, I can do limited screen sharing with skype, what I really need is some way of eliminateing variables and log tracking for the actual real reason for the crash. I fell out of my chair last week when the crash logger was crashing on my own PC, good job Lindens.... Reviewing my own crash logs gives me menaingless info, what I can tell is they can't or don't know how to handle memory management worth a crap.
  4. I have a real problem with this multipler viewers available, it makes helping someone damn near impossible, you say go to this menu location and they are like huh? Linden's fail for not forcing either a closed API are at least the menu system closed. And on 2 of them viewers she did try, they resulted in some LL Bridge in all of her clothing outfit directories, and when she'd log in half the time she would have a rock on her chest. I researched this and finally had her completely uninstall both of them permanently. When working with someone at a distance, you need to have a standard interface.
  5. I'm technically inclined, but she is not. And we are a great distance apart. How can I help her resolve why she is crashing? the event log shows it crashes in ntdll.dll, google results on why are just insanely all over the place. I've had her buy a new PC to resolve this, but still it crashes constantly. Mine crashes alot too, but hers is right after log in and about the only thing that seems to curtail it so far is for her to immediately change into the student outfit and slowly get into another outfit. She can't move at login in and this is an immediate trigger to her that she's going to cra
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