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  1. If they came out and told you they were hoping it would replace SL with Sansar that would be the equivalent of showing people your cards in a high stakes poker game
  2. The only thing wrong with Sansar is they haven't taken enough money from SL to hire enough devs to push it forward faster. From a business perspective it makes total sense to build a new and better technology platform than to retro fit an old one. Granted they have to be smart about how gradual they shift people over from SL as it's the bread and butter. And most probably won't shift, they will fall to natural attrition, but this was a must do thing. Sansar has a long way to go yet, but it is poised to be much better than SL, assuming some day they get more on par with the likes of Unity or Unreal and figure out how to allow adult content.
  3. And I bet you the percent of people leaving second life or the percent of new customers going to other places has very little to do with the amount of new features being added to second life compared to people simply wanting new things like Sansar or VR Chat
  4. see many more pics of things people made here https://profiles.sansar.com/profiles/gindipple/experiences/sancraft/snapshots
  5. https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/gindipple/sancraft Comes complete with a builder's HUD too Super fun for kids of all ages (even 50)
  6. One small problem with that argument Medhue, 1 person can spend hours developing a push button app to do it, then give it away for free. Now anyone with a finger to push a button can do it, cost of time becomes zero. And well with a $1 profit over 0 time, that's now huge
  7. A word about "traveling from A to B". What does it really mean to travel from one "region" to another? Well each region is typically running on it's own physical box. And there's you local box where it all has to be transmitted to for your CPU and GPU to process and display. What's it mean for you to travel? It means your box goes from rendering your view of data on one box to within some time frame X to rendering data from the destination on your box. If that time frame X is small enough it can feel instant, what we call an open world system. SL has gotten X small enough that you can do things like sail, drive and walk from one region to another with barely a hiccup. But there's some key things making that happen, the amount of data must be small, secure and stable. You have to send all the new regions immediate needs like your current active scripts running on your avatar and their state, the physical elements like the boat your in, the basic mesh data and the more delayable element, the large one, the textures. That's a lot to push out fast. It's dependent on your connection speed for one thing. Now Sansar is a different architecture, textures are not handled in this delayable way. They are all shipped out at load time, not real time. This means a lot more has to be transferred in that X time frame. The upside is there are no grey unloaded textures in Sansar. One approach to solving this is predicatively load the place you are going to next. While this can work pretty easy in a flat world where your closest neighbors are at most 4 (8 if you count corners) it is rather impossible to do if you have 3D space where you might want to travel to anyone of 1000 other regions. The obvious solution might be require everyone have 100GB of high speed cache and 1 Gigabit internet, but technology wise we aren't there yet. With Sansar you can have 4096 x 4096 regions. Using the generally accepted avatar reference size of 2m this becomes a very large area, many times the size of a SL sim. With things like draw distance and pending LODs extending from it, this starts to become more viable to actually think about travel in that large area and starts to open the doors eliminating the open world travel needs. However, there are still region wide resource constraints other than textures and mesh that must be considered. Things like total script memory, physics resource cost, etc.
  8. Here's a fresh copy from right now! https://gyazo.com/7dc03bf397eefa31383073ad48582a08
  9. Some people have this twisted notion of what a game is. Sansar and likewise SL are not games. They are platforms. Users can create games on these platforms. To suggest otherwise is a ludicrous abomination of the word game. If you twist the definition of a word so much that anything under the sun can fit it, then you've successfully made the word irrelevant (to those that subscribe to your abomination of the word, but not to the rest of us) Simply adding a level and a badge to my icon over there on the left doesn't somehow make posting here a game....
  10. So you're angry about something, and it seems like it's about not being accepted into the in crowd. Did I get that right? It's hard to tell as I don't think English is your primary language. Or you got scolded about advertising a product? I don't even know if that's disallowed on her, but if it is it's probably because most people hate spammy advertising. It's why something like 70% of internet browsers use an ad blocker. Now about the title of this thread, I suspect you meant to say Innovation IN Sansar not ON, of course then you go on to talk about advertising not innovation in sansar, so I'm not sure.
  11. Nah, they had plenty of reviews from steam users that confirmed a lot of existing comments, many of which came from the undecided-on-the-platform. They ask and ask for feedback then have no bandwidth to actually implement it. But hey if it's their money if they want to spend it to get more of the same results.
  12. Something smells fishy, I know they know what people want. And they have a mountain of that info on their forums and in their discord all for free.
  13. Lumyia is a mobile client for SL. Sansar unlikely to ever have one, unless it's just for chat, which I think they said they actually have something internal on that.
  14. Of course noone wants to look like a clone... And people don't generally come to play WoW because of the avatars, they are somewhat diverse yes and you can even use their little outfit collection thingy. But the point of the matter is it's 2ndary to the entire rest of it. Minecraft makes that abundantly clear in that its graphics are pretty much classic 8bit. What makes these places awesome is all the other stuff (actual game play capability). So if Sansar focuses on the avatar they will miss the boat on this one. And so far it seems they are on a different boat.
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