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  1. i have done everything correctly ..I think.. my land is part of a group.. items are set to group..but it sill will nt load to marked. I am renting this land... is the problem because I am renting and not owner?or is it some other issue?here is the address to my page... it loaded my banner and logo.. but iwll not load the items: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94977 thank you!
  2. I have taken the photos...and now i need to find out what size they have to be to for use in both marketplaces as well as how to bring them into the game to use them...please help...I have not found a link for a tutorial. Also ....please...can magic box be used on land I am renting or do I have to have a premium account and use it from my land there?? Thank you for your help
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