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  1. this really could be the infusion of new meets old... I would hate to see the hype of the cv1 die down and Linden not take advantage of it. I'm surprised they didn't try to meet the launch date. i really hoped to see an SL icon in my home view. not yet.
  2. Im looking for a few scripters, to help out with vehicle scripts, object motion scripts, and basic cool stuff scripts for a game project. Willing to pay via Elance/Paypal need to be able to comunicate via voice, Skype, Google Hangout, phone. ect. Im looking for people with high level experience, If you know C# as well as LSL even better as we are also doing a lot of unity development. This is a short term project but we hope to develop relationships with scripters so we can work on future projects together. We need serious people that are reliable and able to work up to 4-5 hours a day. It would be best if your Central time but the business hours are 8am-6pm SLT. contact me via chat or respond to this message and we can set up a sSkype or Google Hangout Interview. Maimoamimo
  3. Hi were planning a Sim Launch Party for Tennessee State University on August 15th 2013 from 5pm-7pm SL time. Were looking for an energetic Host And DJ to bring a bit of FUN to the party. It's a PG/Moderate crowd so we need someone who can mind the p's and q's. If interested please give us your rates and if you have a sample (eg. sound cloud) of your set or can invite me to listen live that would be great. This could turn into long term work if we find the right match, this could be a monthly or even weekly gig. Contact maimoamimo resident in world or respond to this thread. thanx Mai
  4. hey just checked out your sim, and a cople of my friends frequent your place so you got that going for you as well. looks kool, im interested in renting a space. I wana open a funrature shop. Do you allow Caspervend?
  5. could this be modified to play on touch. im still kinda new to lsl scripting
  6. this example totatlly works for my needs. i am using it for a training center at a university. But iwas wondering how i could modify it to play the set of clips only once. Thank you for all your help.
  7. A New Second Life Gallery; “La Soleil et La Lune” is seeking creative and inspiring artists to showcase their work At our grand opening. 2D images/photos/paintings and 3D sculptural and installation pieces wanted. This is a non-profit venture but the pieces can be for sale if the artist wishes to sell their work. Feel free to visit the gallery and check out the space at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bondi%20Island/73/63/22/?title=Le%20Soleil%20et%20La%20Lune%20Gallery if interested contact WynnWycked or maimoamimo p.s. we’re also looking for venders :)
  8. I look forward to seeing your gallery. I work for Tennessee state university and am currently building a space for our students in the art department. I would to bring them to see as well. Thank u for sharing your vision.
  9. would this interest you? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Forest-Valley-LoPrim-plant-collection-v1-FULL-PERM/3157746 to be used in other builds though not sold seperately
  10. i have been making good textures and opted not to mess with sculpts. your welcome to check out my stuff although its not sculpts at all. i spend alot of time on my textures and dislike sculpts as they tend to distort and you loose resolution. what i do have is 3-4 512-1024 diferent maps per plant, each renderd at a 120 - 90 degree offset and no alpha fringe. and there resonably priced to bo honest im not to good with scuplts yet but im learning and i got the textures down. just a mater of time b4 i do get to that. take a look, let me know what you think. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/106002
  11. what are your rates? what is the slurl of the mall? what kind of traffic are you getting?
  12. my neighbor in SL has a disability and cant comunicate by typing, any thing out there that can help? they can only type a few letters a minuite. is there speach recognition or voice cues that they could use. I saw alot of cute and or adult voicees out there but i dont think they're the type of person that would like that. I showed them how to suse gestures and that a start but it's limited. links to articles and or tutorials or thiings that would could be purchased through second life would greatly be appreciated.
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