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  1. Krista's Zar hour Gorean Campus proudly presents Gorean Campus First Girl Krista will be presenting an Introduction to Zar class and practice weekly starting Next Wednesday, January 23 at 4 PM SLT. Please come and join us and lets play and learn!!! Nazka Advertising Director Please instant message nazkamahal and or krista1k for more info and for landmark for this class.
  2. Sex & Sensuality of a Kajira Gorean Campus presents: Master Zenar's class on the Sex & Sensuality of a Kajira WHERE: Gorean Campus, main classroom WHEN: starts Sunday, january 27 at noon Slt WHO: Master Zenar Nazka GC Advertising director Please IM nazkamahal or Krista1k for a tp or if you have any questions.
  3. Gorean Campus Presents "Gorean LIves" Portraits by Katarina Erin Katarina Erin is an artist and gallerist who also edits and publishes "The Gorean Times", one of the most widely read quality publications on Gor. This exhibition features some of her portrait work and is called simply "Gorean Lives" It consists of a series of highly expressive portraits of Goreans, chosen especially for Gorean Campus Gallery. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Pointe%20Noire/8/126/22
  4. Gorean Comedy & Poetry Event Gorean Campus presents: PANNER live SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, at 11 am Come join us next Saturday for an hour of Gorean entertainment as the famous, world renowned, Gorean Poet Panner McDonnell delights with witty poems, and his vivid portrayal of everyday trials and tribulations of living Gorean, live on voice. The raw beauty and wonder of Gor will come alive as Panner makes us laugh at the absurd, sigh with ballads of love and devotion, and tugs at our heart strings with tales of valour. But let's not forget the delightful songs that can only come from th
  5. Slave Assistant Healer Course Gorean Campus presents: Slave Assistant Healer Course starts Sunday, January 13 at 6pm for six weeks WHERE: Gorean Campus, Main Classroom WHEN: Starting January 13, Sunday at 6pm WHAT: Slave Assistant Healer Class WHAT: Teach the slave to interact and be able to assist a Gorean physician in a medical scenario WHO: Tarnspot Head Physician Patrick Ohara to register please contact: Krista (krista1k) All successful graduates of the course will receive a certificate confirming they have indeed participated and fulfilled all requirements. http://maps.secondlife.
  6. =^= United Federation Starfleet =^= =^= Desk of the Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Operations =^= ===================================================================== CC: Ensign Nazka Mahal, Planetary Strategist [Special Assistant to the Vice Chief] [With Authorization From the Vice Chief of UF Starfleet Operations] SUBJ: Recruitment ===================================================================== Come join our Star Trek family now!!! Benefits: Immerse yourself in Star Trek with us as we explore and learn about the big vastness of space! Make new friends! Click on the link below to register
  7. Terran Magic might be new to the SL music scene, but with a history in musical theatre it was only a matter of time before this surfer dude traded in his board for a mic. Terran's music is constantly evolving and to bring it onstage he gives it his all. Prepare to hear his soul in his voice when he sings unique favorites that you forgot you loved. He covers everything from soft rock to Disney with audible joy and still can't believe he gets paid for doing this, so dont forget some pocket change to the show and prepare to be charmed by Magic. Contact info drop a notecard to Terran Magic or T
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