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  1. I know, I know - it's Friday, my mind is on other things, and I just typed that out quick. Just smile and enjoy the intent!
  2. With the problems I've been dealing with today, this seemed like a fitting place to use this script: integer anger; default { state_entry() { state sarcasm; } } state sarcasm { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Thanks a lot SL..."); while (anger) llSay(0,"GRRR!"); } touch_start(integer total_number) { anger = !anger; } }
  3. Just change: listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)  to: listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string message) in your state online section.
  4. Make a copy of the AO, but the copy on the ground, and delete the scripts from the copy. Then try that one.
  5. Is there a simple way to declare WHERE to rotate from, if I want the rotation offset to an axis? Picture a shoebox, one edged taped, as if to provide a hinge. I want the linside of my lid hollow, with another prim (the top) over it, as it to surround something when the lid is closed. I'd rather not add too many prims (because I have more to add already). I just want to offset the y axis to an edge, without cutting my prim (which would force me to add more prims...)
  6. OK, I'm a bit of a lurker here - seems others are much quicker to answer questions than I can. I've been scripting for a while now, and I admit I'm a beginner with building things. Recently, I've started messing with sculpts and meshes. What I've run into makes me wonder just WHAT Mesh is good for: Not everyone has Viewer 2 or FIrestorm - so they can't see mesh yet. I myself prefer a different viewer, for now. Wanting to make something rather simple (I thought), I tried to make it as a mesh. I knew before hand that my object made with regular prims would be about 15 prims or so - not bad, but I was hoping for 10 or less. Made my mesh, uploaded via Viewer 2, editted, looked good. But the base - a wrought iron type stand - was 6 prims. The same as I would have had with regular prims. Switching back to my normal viewer, it looked horrible. So, my question - is it too eary for mesh yet? Since not everyone has the capability to see it, it's not for everyone. And had I sculpted the base the same way, it would have been 1 prim (or at worst, 2). Can someone please explain to me what benefits I'll get from making things via mesh, as opposed to regular prims, besides the obvious that certain shapes will look better as mesh. Thank you.
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