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  1. If your partner is gone more than a day, toss em out and find a new one. It only costs 35L.
  2. Realm of Mystara is a great place to start and is incredibly active.
  3. In all honesty it is probably the theme that does not attract people. The popular role play sims follow along the lines of popculture. Hence why vampire/werewolfe, Capua, and mystical sims do well. For the most part people do not want every day life unless there is a twist to it.
  4. Try wearing some form of a titler that would show your character name in floating text above your head. That or display name change are your only options for staying with your current avatar.
  5. The gorean meter (gm) often comes as an object you have to Rez in order to get the actual content folder. Try a different dispenser or even go to her actual store for it. http://gm.mivabe.nl/ that should be the website.
  6. I prefer a smaller friends list, quality over quantity. After a week or so of no interaction I remove them. Worst case scenario you either re-add them at a later date. There is a lovely search tool that is under used that allows one to look up various avatars when you need to contact one of them.
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