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  1. The legender Black Stripes play on Nest of The Dragon! As always, with light from Kerupa Flow Come and enjoy ! @ Nest of The Dragon, Paradise of Fantasy SIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 23:00 JPT (07:00 am PDT)
  2. **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**s://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/yT/r/K6_TY47YS3x.png" border="0" title="Beschreibung" width="16" height="16" />Hiroshi Kumaki (Live Music) and Kerupa Flow (Live Light and animations) @ Nest of The Dragon, Paradise of Fantasy SIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 22:00 JPT (06:00 am PDT)
  3. Naturalway Flow and Kerupa Flow Live Light- and Djing performence with Electronica. Today 22th June, 13, at 7:00am PDT on Nest of the Dragon - instalation from Kerupa Flow on the Paradise of Fantasy SIM. Come and enjoy the show :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 Thank you :)
  4. SORRY we have forget the change to summertime here come the right PST time: (PST TIME CHANGE TO SUMMERTIME!!!) 20:00JPT/04:00PST ZUZU 21:00JPT/05:00PST Neya 22:00JPT/06:00PST Uktrsn 23:00JPT/07:00PST Chao's'Chen 24:00JPT/08:00PST Subsonic 02:00JPT/10:00PST Regi
  5. 17th March'13 Luna Express Ambient, downbeat, trance, chill out 03:00PST ZUZU 04:00PST Neya 05:00PST Uktrsn 06:00PST Chao's'Chen 07:00PST Subsonic 09:00PST Regi at luna romantica - Paradise of Fantasy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/84/217/2751
  6. **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**s://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/yT/r/K6_TY47YS3x.png" border="0" title="Beschreibung" width="16" height="16" />Light and Soud collage from Kerupa Flow and Chao's'Chen Nest of The Dragon Paradise of Fantasie 23:00JPT/6:00amSLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paradise-of-Fantasy/262503793866371
  7. Winterconcert on Grandblue with Oblee http://www.erickiefer.com/index.php?online=yes
  8. Before all will be white and really cold outside, the nature make a very colorful and dreamy landscape all around. I have this year take a try to catch this colors to my Photos and will share it with you :) And what is better for wonderful autumn than the sweet voice of a wonderful women? Right :) so we have invite Jaymine Scarborough to this place for your enjoying :) today 06:00 am PDT (23:00 JPT) at gallery 6 on Grandblue http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grandblue/109/218/36
  9. Hiroshi Kumaki (Live music) and Kerupa Flow (Live light performence) want to take out you from reality and bring you in a phantasie land of light and music in harmony. 14.july'12 7:00 AM PDT Don't miss it! Please take this coordinates : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056
  10. This weekend we have two nice lifemusic on EXHIBITION! 13.april'12 11am-12pm Ruphay Sax 14.april'12 03pm-04pm Russell Eponym Don't miss it! Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/134/180/3488
  11. 2nd March: Black Stripes 7:30-8:30 am PST on EXHIBITION! with Kerupa Flow and Storm Septimus http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056
  12. Komuso.. brings the blues over you ! 25th feb'12 04:00-05:00am (PST) come and enjoy the Concert!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVndLSP4GgQ&feature=related He play on EXHIBITION! with Kerupa Flow and Storm Septimus ---> TAXI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/124/180/3059
  13. 23th feb'12 02:00-03:00pm (PST) --------> Oblee <----------- Oblee's show is something that must be heard to adequately describe it.... no more is to say! http://www.obeloinkment.com ---- TAXI ---> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/94/22/3501 He Play on EXHIBITION! from Kerupa Flow and Storm Septimus powered by bobblespace
  14. 10th to 28th feb.'12 ++++++++ Kerupa Flow ++++++++ *About Me* I am a Japanese artist. The art you see here was made on a computer, using a pen tablet. SL allows me to display my art in its purest form. Digital data is revealed via graphic pixels. SL helps make my art come alive, makes it real, more even than in 1st life, because to show it there I would have to transform it, by printout or posting on the web. Here I can upload and it is a real life experience inside SL. I find that so exciting! Recently, three-dimensional works and installations are increasing. ================================================================================ ++++++++ Storm Septimus ++++++++ "Coalescence" A collection of mixed media artwork by Storm Septimus. Simply Enjoy. (you said a few words lol... just use the above and I am happy... huggss to you.) =========================================================================== http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/107/161/3490 LINEUP: ====== Opening 10th feb'12 ======= 05:00-07:00am (PST) ----------- 22:00-24:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 14:00-16:00 (CET) --------> Dj sChen (D) <----------- 07:00-09:00am (PST) ----------- 24:00-02:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 16:00-18:00 (CET) --------> Dj ROISe Mixmaster (JP) <----------- ------------> URL Opening (Exhibition Kerupa Flow): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 ====== 11th feb'12 ====== 09:00-011:00am (PST) ----------- 2:00-04:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 18:00-12:00 (CET) --------> Dj MoRli <----------- ----------> URL Morlita DJING (Exhibition Storm Septimus): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/94/22/3501 =========================== LIVE: 17th feb'12 11:00-12:00am (PST) ----------- 04:00-05:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 20:00-21:00 (CET) --------> =DRUM= Performence <----------- ----------> URL =DRUM= Concert (Mainsim (Ground)): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/128/154/22 23th feb'12 02:00-03:00pm (PST) ----------- 07:00-08:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 23:00-24:00 (CET) --------> Oblee <----------- ----------> URL Oblee Concert (Exhibition Storm Septimus): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/94/22/3501 24th feb'12 02:00-03:00pm (PST) ----------- 07:00-08:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 23:00-24:00 (CET) --------> engrama <----------- ------------> URL engrama Concert (Exhibition Kerupa Flow): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 25th feb'12 04:00-05:00am (PST) ----------- 09:00-10:00 (JPT) ------------------------ 01:00-02:00 (CET) --------> Komuso (Solo) <----------- ------------> URL Komuso Concert (Exhibition Kerupa Flow): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld%20Pearl/101/184/3056 ----------- 24:00-02:00 (JPT)
  15. ok thanx .. that work i have use all the time direct over ava or in chat to invate.. thank you for help
  16. i'm again with a new problem, .... ok the fps are now ok. but .. the tool from viewer say to me i have a conection under 1mbits and in setting i have done to 10mbits. now i have test my concetion with tools and the tools say to me i have a conection between 20 and 30 kbits....
  17. ok have start now a new thread for this theme.. my problem is i can't invate people in my group when i have no friendship with them, but i know from a friend it must work, anyone a idea why it is so...
  18. ok i have ask my friend and she have say it must be work... i open a new thread now for this theme, i think it will be better
  19. sorry for late answere i will do today in the evening (met) when i'm back from work thanx for intressting
  20. geht ganz einfach... du gehst in das menü wo du dein aussehen bearbeitest... dann auf körperteile udn sagst neue augen ... dort kannst dann oben textur für augen wählen dort wählst deine textur aus und ferdisch sorry das ich jetzt nur grob gebe ... wenn du genauere instruktion brauchst melde dich nochmal... muss auch erst gugen dann wie das alles heißt... und bin am sprung in die arbeit viel erfolg
  21. oh i do not like the automatic invator script.. i love it to talk with the visitors and give here a invate personaly. i have a sign to invate, but more people go in the group when yu do talk with here... hm ok .. but it must work anyway, i was on concert and people have invate me to personaly without a friendship.. i will ask next time how it work when anyone do it but thank you
  22. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Cannot-get-good-FPS/td-p/1257213 this thread do help thank you
  23. hm ok... strange .. it must be any other problem ok i will make a complete check from my pc again... do not understand but it looks it not realy the viewer... hmm how know a deffect on my hardware? i will look and answere when i have found the error and have to do with sl and many thanx again for help (but i wonder me realy why run other games good ... hmmmm)
  24. thank you for answere my parcel is not, but do not know how other parcel are setting .. but i think it's not so bad when only list for login user or? i have only wonder me ah and.. ok not sure it is other theme but hop eis ok when i ask here, i can only send invate to group to user how are my friends... bu ti can not every visitor from my gallery take in my friendship you know what i mean? thank you and sorry i do my ask here to the other
  25. hello :) next question :) and i hope again i'm in right theme when not sorry... ok.. i have see my parcel and the sim where is it is only foun din the search when i be login on the webside.. what can i do it will change :) thank you :) sChen
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