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  1. Our humorists are already making this up. Soon the black square in photoshop will look bigger than the white one)) I'm not the only one whose nerves are messed up by your problems there)) Already the whole world is laughing)) I accidentally found a demotivator in a social network. In the theme of design and 3D graphics. About the mess with the black color. People come up with memes) I apologize for my English) Memory reference . I will not answer anyone else. Because there is nobody here. There is a herd that has nothing to do. other than discussing people. Good mood to you all!
  2. You yourself are spam and do not understand the keywords and how they are forbidden. Some people are better off not sticking their nose in what they are not good at.
  3. To be honest, as a newcomer to this place, I don’t understand who writes to anyone, since I’m not a professional in English. Write specifically for lehaab)) If you write to me) I will then read the topic, if anyone is interested in my opinion))
  4. The most unhelpful community. Which eats itself from the inside. Gossip and provocation. Nothing more to do. Better at Inworld to communicate with people, more useful co-factor. How well in this gadyushnik 10 years did not communicate
  5. Your censorship has grown so insanely that you don’t see free characters with a positive. Forever whining just listen. There is a lot of free stuff in my store, they don’t pay attention to it. If only they would have done something for free. And then they discussed other people! You discussed a person, and you stole a picture in your profile from Google pictures. You yourself haven’t invented anything of yourself, you are a miserable and low person. I apologize for my English)) It feels like the competitors rebelled))
  6. The idea of isolating people from society who are looking everywhere for negative 😃
  7. your vocabulary is very small with synonyms
  8. there are no offensive words there;) and you are not behaving decently)) Traitor ...
  9. Secret, nor anything offensive. Each seller has their own keywords. And no one will not share them, well, except for the main ones often used.
  10. I used google translator coming up with tags. As far as I know google and so censors everything! At this pace, aching people will achieve the closure of Linde LAb. Soon they will raise a rebellion to close the SL. Someone is senile and sick on the head. But there is no other name for them. Such provocateurs need to be imprisoned. In prison and in a straitjacket.
  11. If they do a hard filter, your business will also be affected. We'll have to redo the tags. My tags fell under the filter. Then I always made honest. 10 years in SL
  12. Aborigen is a local resident. For example, where I live at the moment, you or another. Enough to find fault already. Better take a book, read the elementary school classes))
  13. I agree with you. People abide by the laws of all countries. Policies and agreements. And overheating the girl in the sun, decides how to act as a large company. If that girl came to SL, then she agreed with the rules. Why whine now.
  14. Hello everyone! I am the creator of this addon. The addon is designed for beginners and for those who want to quickly make the binding of bones to the avatar. You can tie clothes to this custom avatar. It does not work with various bodies of other creators. Reviews are not custom-made as some think. People are completely from different countries. Who did not like Avastar because of the complexity of use. I used it myself and is not suitable for my tasks. The lessons for the avastar looked paid. I decided to make my addon and have been using it ever since. Reviews from newcomers and yes, I real
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