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  1. Hmm I think I am going to take some time settling in. See how it all pans out here. Just really having fun exploring right now. Many thanks for the links I can refer to at later stages.
  2. Thanks a lot guys for the really helpful info. From my point of view I want to currently just get used to the place, perhaps get a job to earn in game money to buy cool stuff but if there is scope for actually creating something that people will buy and will bring me a little RL money too then so much the better. I may go to some classes on how to make stuff.. I was wondering... what big companies if any at all still have a presence in SL? are Intel still here? I know that some use this as a place for virtual meetings etc. I would maybe like to design places for business functions.. it sounds so boring I know but here I can let my imagination get the better of me. Come up with some really cool stuff. Failing that i guess it is just a case of thinking well I want to do this. Renting some land maybe and setting something up and seeing how it goes. If it doesn't work then it is no skin off my nose as it is SL not RL. Even though the level of commitment needed i can imagine is just the same as with a real venture.. and I am self employed anyway? do I really want to get involved in another business here?.. or just make and create and see how it goes? god talking about doing your best to let go of your normal life. I was a half robot half dragon when I first came here.. then I thought that was far too stupid. But I am going to go for the Morpheus look soon.
  3. Currently working out what I want to do work wise in Second Life. If I wanted to start Art and design work where and how would I begin? I would want to make a gallery and sell my work. :matte-motes-bashful:
  4. Currently working out what I want to do work wise in Second Life. If I wanted to start Art and design work where and how would I begin? I would want to make a gallery and sell my work. :matte-motes-bashful:
  5. cool well i played around with my Avatar a bit and have made him into a person now. He actually looks quite boring so I may give him pink eyebrows to spice things up. Also need to deck out my house and find a job or start my hoverboard empire.
  6. ooh djing you say? whats your music policy?
  7. thanks for your feedback everyone. After tweaking with frustrating graphics settings ( I have a quad core system and a AMD/ATI 6870 1 gig) so should have no problem running this at all, I finally managed to get everything running how it should with only a tiny bit of lag. Being the uber geek I am, I have everything maxed out and I am used to playing games in insane resolutions. After shouting "If I can run Deus Ex Human revolution maxed out then why can't I run you!" at my monitor things started to improve. I had the pleasure of encountering a mind numbingly racist guy from new york spouting a load of drivel about Mexicans who I chose to confront. That was interesting. I met one nice lady who helped me out with the basics and this morning I am going to tweek my avatar a bit. I can see how really you have to leave your life behind to get the most of your time in second life. I was hoping to make a living selling floating hoverboards. I feel a little disillusioned this morning.
  8. Hi all nice to be here! I have been hearing varying things about Second life for a long time now and finally decided to take the plunge. I am like I am sure many of you are here, self employed (in the real world) and currently run an IT firm/consultancy. Iv'e decided to come here to explore and create a second life for myself and my business and really just see how it pans out! any tips? advice?
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