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  1. Wow, ok, so I guess I wasn't expecting any response so I made the thread then didn't even pop back to check on it.... It's awesome to see there are people here on SL who followed the same path as me when it came to RP! Well even a few years after I created this thread, I'm still game for some Rhy'Din RP. Feel free to hit me up on SL you guys <3
  2. Well I do have breedable tigers wandering about...
  3. Hey all, I've finally relented and started the adventure that is building and creation in SL. I'm attempting to make a sign that will give a folder of various items to an avatar when he/she touches it. Now, I read a thread from 2010 explaining that prims cannot hold folders and that items must be dragged in minus the folder. The problem is, now if someone touches the prim I've made, they'll be bombarded with thirty-something items! Help!
  4. Apologies, apparently I did indeed lose my way I'm new to.. well, a lot of this...
  5. Aaaah that's really good to know, thank you!
  6. Ok so next question... I want to pop a skybox.. well, in the sky. But the land needs to support a LOT of prims. Now, I'm new to this land-buying, skyboxing malarchy and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction! At auction a piece of land will be advertised as 512m square and supports 117 prims. Is this a standard thing as I'm tping all over the place and although the land varies in shapes and sizes, the prims seem to be the same. Am I being daft? Also, a sneaky skybox question which may be super obvious - a skybox does eat land prims doesn't it? So if I wanted a store on the ground and my home in the clouds, the land prims would be shared between them right? Argh so confused! First I lose my chicken, then a bikini gets stuck in my house and now skyboxes have got me all confuzzled :/
  7. Hey all, Sorry if this thread is in completely the wrong place - I couldn't figure out where was best to start it. I hope there's someone out there who is somewhat familiar with Amaretto Breedables as I'm totally new to the brand. I recently stumbled across a 75L special Amaretto Barnyard Bird non-starter egg/offer/deal and was feeling thrifty so I bought it. When I got my egg back home, I popped it into an incubator and waited an hour. When I say 'waited' I actually mean 'clubbed the night away'. When I came back home to check on it, it was gone! Poof! As if it had never existed. I tried re rezzing the incubator, logged out of SL and back in again, checked Trash, Lost & Found, Objects.... I haven't contacted Amaretto because, well, has anyone else tried to use their website?! Any ideas?
  8. I'm a gamer too ^^ PC all the way though I'm afraid, I'm oldskool like that. Love Minecraft, COD and the Elder Scrolls series among other games. I'm always looking for gaming-related chat Don't be shy, PM me!
  9. I used to live in those Old World taverns and forests. The adventure, the characters, the story lines... I couldn't get enough of it. If you ever had AOL back in the day and were an RPer then you probably ended up in the Rhy'Din rooms at some point. The role play in those rooms became tangible - you could smell the wood of the beams mingled with spilt ale in the taverns and could hear the breeze moving through the oak trees in the forests. The characters were my family and my friends, but eventually everyone grew up or went to college, killing off characters and bringing story lines that had been ongoing for a few years, to an end. A decade later, I discovered these rooms don't exist anymore. I have to say, when I realised I can't find them because they aren't there anymore, I was upset. I felt like an important piece of my past was missing. But now, we have Second Life, a beautifully complicated means of role playing that can grant me this wish - revive Rhy'Din! Who will join me on this quest?
  10. Sounds interesting... Will your child still be free to experience SL as they wish or are they obligated to certain things?
  11. Oryion

    Urban Neko RP?!

    I'm struggling to find a Neko RP that I fit into. I'm after a present-day urban scene where Neko is accepted and welcome among humans. If there is anyone who knows of a sim that already supports this or anyone who wants to join my lil' quest, please let me know or feel free to contact me inworld!
  12. It's an odd subject for me as I'm still fairly new to SL and didn't come here to network! But last night when one of my SL friends announced he was leaving SL forever, I suddenly felt I would miss him. It struck something in me and I began to wonder, have I been sucked in to the SL experience? Apparently I have. I realised that the time I spend in SL is with him and that's what makes it fun. It's not about the graphics, the user interface, the sims, the clothes (although they all certainly help), it's the people we interact with and the people we choose to left click and 'add friend'. I'll genuinely miss you my friend - you know who you are.
  13. Ok, I've read this thread twice and still can't get my head around this concept! Firstly, why are people wanting a SL baby? Personally, I would love to have a RL baby, so am intrigued that SL can temporarily give it to me. Secondly, is this an eternal baby or does it grow into a toddler, child etc? Thirdly, as wrong as it may sound, can a baby be popped in your inventory so you can work?! I ask because I love my job as a dancer and wouldn't want to give it up as I'm literally holding the baby... And I don't think I'd be tipped much if I were swinging around on a dance pole with a baby bump. Geez... I'm full of questions... can someone please explain this baby stuff to a total noob...?
  14. /me dashes off to Crave.... Thank you for the tip - love those lucky chairs And yes, hopping on lucky chairs prolly does make me an eternal noob, but let's admit it - we all love presents
  15. Just lately I've been feeling the exact same thing. I realised it might be developing into an unhealthy issue just a week ago when I caught myself in the mirror and was mildly surprised my avatar wasn't looking back at me! I pondered this for a while and even took a step back from SL to try and figure out the psychology here. In RL, I'm not fugly but I'm certainly nothing special and I struggle to feel attractive at the best of times. However, my avatar seems to have developed into a sleek, sexy temptress over the months and when I really give it some thought, it makes sense that she looks how I want to look. She dresses how I would never dare dress in RL and she's cheeky and provocative in chat in a way that makes me squirm at the thought of being in RL. Having said all of that, she did help me to realise a few home-truths about myself. If this is the 'ideal me' then why not imitate it if I'm obviously not 100% happy with the way I am now? On that note, I've started wearing little skirts like my avatar and popping on more makeup when I go out, and I even flirt a bit more and it's actually boosted my confidence to the point where I pulled at the weekend I'm not gonna kiss and tell but I do have SL to thank for that! I think it's all in the way you look at it - you can look at your avatar and get upset that SL isn't RL, or you can swing it around and pop a little SL into your RL! Remember, men dig confidence for the best part, put a Barbie lookalike in front of them and most would turn it down
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