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  1. The  store  has  now been  closed,but  I'm glad i took  the  brunt  of  your  jokes..proves what  kind  of  people I'm dealing with  here  in the  forum and  why I  never  come  here . For those  that actually respond with  info..thank  you.

    PS.my linden was also returned and the owner banned.

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  2. Yes I did  rez the box.. it  was empty, as  far  as buying  it  for  less..well the  MP often  over  inflates  the retail prices on gacha  items, they are  sold for much  less in world. I do  agree with  you that  most  gacha resellers  have  more  than  1 item..but..when I first opened  my  store..guess what? I had 3..that was 2012,  we all start somewhere. The creators  full heads  are that much because they have a lot more features, hence why these are in gacha machines and not for sale in the creators MP store. I  could go on and  on.. I've been in the  game  a while now but having "  three copies of the same rare gacha item in the same store is something of a warning sign" isn't in the resale world.

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  3. How  does one  go  about  doing  this? The  seller is  selling empty boxes and  thats  not  actually one  of  the  choices  from the  drop down. Ive  flagged the item..but  why  is  there no comment section? 

    Invoice # 1447607817

    Ordered on June 03, 2017
    Order Status: Delivered
      Description Item IDs Unit Price Qty Total:

    01 Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento RARE

    Sold by ####### Visit The StoreReview Product 
    314724820 L$1,100 1 L$1,100
    • 1 item has been delivered
    • Item(s) will be delivered to the Received Items folder.
    Total: L$1,100   I  purchased  this  and  received  an empty box.
  4. Homes for rent on a unique fully landscaped sim.  Nature abounds here, From the wooded paths to the lakes,ponds and yes..even a beach to enjoy everything has been done for you and your loved ones to stop..and relax. Each home gets a prim allowance of 700 prim At 3L per prim for a total of 2100L weekly for an opportunity that wont come up often. Reply here or im me inworld for further details....theres alot of them.

    Rentals 1_004.jpgRentals 1_007.jpg

     edited..i suppose you might want to come look around...opps. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LennonParkOnTheRock/132/29/29

  5. Hello All, I recently paid someone to decorate part of my sim that ive been working on and  think ive been taken for 6k. What was suppose to happen was the retexturing and decorating of an oriental Build I have on the sim. She wanted 1/2 down and 1/2 upon completion of work. I paid her and not 3 mins later she logged off and Ive only heard from her one time since. This was the 22nd of Jan, I havent " seen" her online but as she is in The group for the sim I can see she has been on. I also have freinds check her profile and she's on but hidden from me.

    I did file an abuse report for failure to deliver product service and have yet to hear anything back. The one time i did manage to contact her i did get her to admit that she was paid yet no work was completed...I kept the convo in a NC. I know its against TOS but i knew i was going to have a problem. Ive tried live support, and calling but was directed each time to file an AR...is there anything else i can do?

  6. 1st one is a 6256 parcel 3 sides protected, its an Island with additional sqm leading to a boatslip big enough for a class 5 ship. set for sale at 7L sqm . http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tenjin/96/148/23  Land for sale 2.png

    2nd up is a 6144 sqm on the Gaeta Sea All water backed up by a protected shoal that leads to a Linden pathway. set for sale at 7.3 L sqm. Both were bought a 9L sqm.. but the land business is not for me so i priced them for quick sales. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tessentor/74/146/24 Tessentor for sale_001.png

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