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  1. So i updated secondlife and it no londer works the viewer wotn even load. I Uninstalled and redownloaded and its still doing the same. My PC meets the requirments
  2. So i have USD sitting in my account . I Can access it ..i cant send it to my bank (now ex husband closed the account) and I Cant get it back into my sl l$ (which is what im trying to do but because i dont have a account i cant do it) please if anyne knows a way to get it back into L$ let me know The SL account wasnt closed my bank accoutn was closed thats why i cant transfer. Its this account and its obvously still active.
  3. Today- dec.10th i crashed and i cant get logged back in. its been "logging in "for 5 minutes then says cant connect from the website all my friends are offline happening to anyone eles? ----------- can log in with another account but not my own With how many people are having issues i doubt accounts are banned prolly just lost int he reset for a bit if the accounts were banned we would not be able to post here (as im told) I GOT ON! try here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kawaii%20Ville/191/134/21
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