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  1. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: CommerceTeam Linden wrote: The Commerce Team is aware of ongoing issues that are affecting the Marketplace web site. Review Counts were temporarily removed from display for search results. Review data is preserved and the review counts are visible on the actual product listing. The Review Counts on search returns will be re-enabled after further optimization is done to improve page load times that are still affecting many users. We are also aware of an issue with some orders stuck in the Being Delivered state and are actively working to verify the cause and resolve the issue. We are also monitoring the Jira system for other issues not included here and will be researching those reports as well. The marketplace shoppers have no clue why the site is slow. Some are trying to adjust their computers. Please address this ON THE SITE PAGE that everyone goes to, so the shoppers understand. This shopper can't even get to the site page, so that won't work. Maybe better, a message sent to all emails, or, a message when you log inworld.
  2. I am sure you must be aware of the issue of the Marketplace being as slow as molasses going up hill too?
  3. As a shopper, I have given up purchasing anything from the Marketplace until it is fixed. I just do not have the time to wait around.
  4. Cinnamon Lohner wrote: So I'm curious why you are looking at estate properties and not considering becoming a premium member and buying mainland? 2k linden per week is $32 USD per month. For $15 USD per month you could pay for a premium account at $10 monthly rate (even cheaper if you do quarterly or yearly) and your free 512sqm land + a $5 land tier for 512sqm more gives you 1024sqm with a 32mx32m footprint. And you get 300L back per week to spend. Plus access to premium gifts and premium sandbox access. And better support. Just curious why such a scenario is not in your plans since its half the price you are willing to pay to rent from another resident. --Cinn Maybe Jaeden has looked at Mainland land and does not want to be beside banlined property, or laggy clubs and malls. And, perhaps Jaeden realizes that for 1500 L per week, they can lease out a large Estate land parcel with 937 prims quite easily nowadays. However, to find the kind of themed land Jaeden is looking for, it can only be found in Estate land, on grungy themed sims that do charge more than 1500 L per week for 937 prims. One such sim comes to mind, named Dead Drop, and another is Devils Pocket, but they are filled last time I looked.
  5. I hear tell that Ukranian software developers are really good at making SL viewers. Maybe LL should check into that so that a suitable viewer could be made. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  6. Margo Sciarri wrote: To put it mildly, I hate what LL has done to the new viewer look. I started in late 2007, and while I had a lot to learn about sl, everyone does when they're new. When they made the decision to put out Viewer 2 - thinking it would "attract" more people, and "be easier" to use, it made the viewer, in my opinion, awful. I don't like the big honking bar on the side for one thing - it takes up far too much space, and it's harder for me to work with. Secondly - the viewer control SUCKS bigtime. Someone told me they were going to fix it, yet I tried the new beta today, and it is still awful!!! It doesn't work as smoothly as on the older viewer, and it is far too big! I have recently seen something about FUI ( flexible User Interface) - and I saw a video of another viewer's work on changing the way the UI looks, more like the older one. LL - take a lesson from that and go back to the older viewer's look, it was SO MUCH BETTER. Well, you know, Linden Lab paid big bucks to a Ukranian software company to develop the new viewer. So it has to be good. It is irrelevant that one or more of the LL board of directors probably partially owned that Ukrainian software company. We all know that Ukranians know how to build the best user-interfaces in the world, even it they know absolutely nothing about what the UI is for.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  7. Nuhai Ling wrote: I have never seen Linden wait so long to post a previous quarter's metrics unless there was something up. Sadly, a few places I advise were hoping to see them before deciding to remain in SL or close. Without the information, the opted to close. Anyone know what the delay is or if they posted them in some other manner? All web searches are coming up negative and the last Linden post here in the forums was before Christmas. Thanks! You know the expression: "There are lies, and there are damn lies, and then there are statistics." It might be taking a special effort to massage those statistics with the appropriate wording for the last quarter of last year.
  8. Mircea Lobo wrote: Never mind guys, the jira got rejected a few minutes after I opened it. The only statement the Linden who closed it was able to make is "We have no plans to revert these features", which for him is a reason to completely reject the idea. So it seems they will completely ignore everything we ask them, so they can go their own way and not listen to anyone else. It's things like these that make me wonder why LL doesn't run a communist party instead of a 3D virtual world, because their attitude toward the user has been perfectly suited for that ever since they existed Anyway, someone else can feel free to make another jira if they wish. Maybe they won't put their fist in every resident's mouth... Perhaps a JIRA to make the web profiles work more efficiently would be better - even if you try to navigage them on the web, the process is so slow, it is not worth it.
  9. Teagan Tobias wrote: Viewer 1 search results for live interment, 30 results per page output. Viewer 3 search for live interment, 5 results per page. If you call that new technology, you can have it. entertainment, not interment :smileyvery-happy: Given the prevalence of the bondage business in SL, perhaps they meant "internment." :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  10. Claireschen Hesten wrote: why not view web profiles through your web browser it's not too difficult just use https://my.secondlife.com/ if you want to view someone's web profile just do https://my.secondlife.com/username where username would be a person with just a user name and https://my.secondlife.com/firstname.lastname where firstname.lastname would be someone with a first and last name. or with the in viewer browser click the option to view the page in your web browser. it might not be what you want but it is better than trying to view web profiles with the inworld tools If anyone follows your recommendation, which is a good one btw, like I did, one will find that perhaps the source of the whole problem is contained within the setup of the web profiles pages themselves. It is slow to use even when using just the web to access them. It appears to me that LL has attempted to create a Facebook type interface and format, but failed to have it done in a professional way with tight and efficient coding. When accessing these web profiles through a viewer interface, it would simply make the access time even more inefficient. This is a problem LL can fix - it just has to have it done properly, is all. Web profiles are really a great idea, I think, but LL has to do it right.
  11. And I am sure LL management is still scratching its collective head, wondering why retention rates have been so poor ever since Viewer 2 was launched, and why concurrency rates have been steadily declining since the same event. In fact, just recently, concurrency took the biggest nosedive ever seen in the last two years. I still can't figure out which one mesh is, a bell or a whistle? But if LL wants a virtual world where just a few can enjoy a more technically beautiful world, then they have most definitely been going in the right direction for the past two years.
  12. Amysterious wrote: It looks like everyone who doesen't get paid does a better Job than Lindens. Hows that possible? As a noob, I think you people here call us, I was about to quit second life because the viewer I got was just plain stupid. I had not a clue what was going on. Someone told be about firestorm beta, so I got that one and it is great. So maybe I will stick around a bit longer.
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