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  1. When Market Place stops having problems, I would like to know. I have been thinking of putting some things up for sale on MP, but I really need not any more frustrations in life, so I am deferring the attempt to become a merchant on MP. It sounds like this will be a very long deferment, eh?
  2. You might try a place called Richmond or perhaps City of Richmond, if it is still running.
  3. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: You seem to blame the programmers at LL Do little facts such as that viewer 2 development was outsourced to another company trouble you at all? Unfortunately it's the managers that manage LL and they don't have a clue about anything except expense accounts and giving jobs to their friends. Chances are pretty darn good that one of the venture capitalists sitting on the LL board of directors, had also invested in a certain Ukranian software company. I do believe that that is all past history now, with the Viewer being outsourced to that company that had not a clue about anything concerning SL. The programmers internally are now in charge, which is a two edged sword. It is just that I have seen posts by several of these programmers. Their arrogance is unbelievable, and I am guessing that they are the ones who really run the show. It should be an embarrassment to LL that most people prefer TPVs, and if not, it should surely at least clue in the top management into the fact that something is seriously awry. But in the long run, top management has the ultimate responsibility, but someone should put the boots to those programmers and wake them up to some heavy doses of reality.
  4. 16 wrote: JohnMiddlefield wrote: I have done my research. I know what the concurrency levels are, and they have been deteriorating since the advent of Viewer 2. can also show other correlations over the same period bot policy real world economy increase in mobile devices providing other forms of entertainment games like minecraft and others that allow modding increase in people building on soas rather than in SL proper and then uploading increase in marketplace use by both creators and shoppers without the need to log inworld to do that linden not dropping prices of tier and so on + is not just one thing. i think is quite good that despite all these things SL is actual still doing as well as it is Change in bot policy was inititated long before Viewer 2 was introduced. Real world economy - started its major tailspin and its impact was far worse, 2 years before Viewer 2 was introduced. The other reason you have given are really stretching for an explanation. Prior to Viewer 2 introduction, there were always factors that one could point to, to explain drop in concurrency, but the fact is, when Viewer 2 became introduced, concurrency levels started to drop noticeably, and continue to do so. The only reason why they have not tanked more, is due to the LL policy of allowing TPV. Just ask yourself why the official viewer of LL in not used by the majority of SLers - that in and of itself speaks volumes. Noobies are given the worst Viewer ever made to use when they first come to SL, and LL scratches its head and wonders why retention is so bad, and concurrency levels continue to drop. I am sure LL programmers when challenged in this area, keep giving the CEO an equivalent list of reasons that you just gave, and he gives in, and pursues another course; and thus we have incentives to become Mainland land users, premium membership and all the other lost causes.
  5. Baloo Uriza wrote: JohnMiddlefield wrote: It has been eliminated from public view, how do you know that? You aren't a linden alt are you? You heard it here, first: Being able to Google something now means you're a Linden alt. JohnMiddlefield wrote: The real stat that is useful is concurrency, and with that stat which is still available there has been a stead decline in concurrency since the introduction of Viewer 2. That is a fact. A fact not backed up by any publicly available information. Do some research, I told you what to look for already. Just because you see fewer people around might have to do with your winning personality and people avoiding you specifically. I can't blame 'em. I have done my research. I know what the concurrency levels are, and they have been deteriorating since the advent of Viewer 2. Would you like me to provide a link? I bet you don't, because that would really show you up. You are obviously a linden hack, if not an actual employee of LL. Come on now, show your real colours. Would you like the link showing concurrency levels or not? Now show me your link showing that more distinct avis are logging into SL than they were before the advent of Viewer 2. You can't because that data has been discontinued for public consumption by LL, and for good reason.
  6. Baloo Uriza wrote: JohnMiddlefield wrote: Business need for a viewer? The business need for a viewer would be a viewer that is intutitive, easy to use, and one that would actually enhance business, rather than drive people away. And the Lindens agree. Oddly enough, monthly active users has been climbing steadily since Q3 2010, which was approximately when V2 entered beta. Active users? Since that stat has been eliminated from public view, how do you know that? You aren't a linden alt are you? The real stat that is useful is concurrency, and with that stat which is still available there has been a stead decline in concurrency since the introduction of Viewer 2. That is a fact. Go back to your little cubicle in Linden Lab land.
  7. Baloo Uriza wrote: JohnMiddlefield wrote: Or use a TPV developed by those who actually use SL. The lindens don't use it apparently. More like you're confusing what you want out of a viewer with what the Lindens have a business need for in their own viewer. It'd be pretty foolish to think for a minute that they don't eat their own dog food over on Linden Street. Business need for a viewer? The business need for a viewer would be a viewer that is intutitive, easy to use, and one that would actually enhance business, rather than drive people away. LL seems to be unable to create a viewer that is good for business. I am sure that LL has looked at every possible reason as to why less than 1% of new sign ups stay for less than two weeks, but it won't look at the obvious reason - the official viewer.
  8. Baloo Uriza wrote: JohnMiddlefield wrote: The programmers run LL and SL and they do not want to do anything extra because they are lazy. More like, are you, since it's an open source project. Granted, the main branch gets pared down to just what the Lindens are willing to support out of business need, but that's why code forks exist as TPVs. In other words, if you don't like it, fork it and make it your own. Or submit a patch and see if it gets accepted into main. Or use a TPV developed by those who actually use SL. The lindens don't use it apparently.
  9. The programmers run LL and SL and they do not want to do anything extra because they are lazy. Since most users settle on using TPVs, the LL programmers don't care that SL is being ruined by providing terrible official viewers. Besides they know that they will remain to the end and be the last ones to turn out the lights, in case things do get out of hand.
  10. Spica Inventor wrote: If the stars are substandard such as 3 or below, then the reviews are checked almost certainly by THE BUYERS every time. You may not be all that concerned with how you throw your money around, but the vast majority are. And as I hope we all know, fraud in S.L. is much more commonplace than in R.L. , so it stands to reason. ;-) The fact is, I don't throw my money around, and rarely has any MP merchant been dishonest in any way. I am more concerned about the permissions given by the merchants, than the star ratings that mean absolutely nothing in most cases.
  11. Spica Inventor wrote: I totally disagree there. The reviews make a big impact on sales. If they didn't, so many Mercants wouldnt be 'begging' for them all the time or getting their friends to fake a 5 star or two for them. ;-) I do not doubt that some merchants are concerned about reviews and stars, but that does not necessarily mean that reviews and stars have an impact on sales. I shop a lot, or used to shop a lot on MP, until it became so borked. When I did, the only time I turned to reviews was when I was unsure about a product in that it was what it was presented to be; and that was not very often. Ask most shoppers if they ever check reviews, and you will receive a response like this: "Reviews? Where are those?"
  12. How many customers do you think ever read reviews or look at ratings? Very, very few.
  13. Czari Zenovka wrote: I've been rethinking the permissions for items I sell - home furnishings and novelty/gift items and would love any feedback on what you, as a customer, prefer. Many of my items I have listed as no-copy/modify/transfer. My thinking on this is two-fold: 1. When I was new to SL I enjoyed having transfer permissions on items I purchased so that if I no longer wanted the item, I could either give it to someone or have a yardsale. (That also was what eventually prompted me to begin my own little business.) 2. My products are priced relatively low so that if someone wanted more than one of an item it wouldn't be expensive to do so. Over time in my own experience as a SL consumer, I find that I prefer having copy permissions vs transfer. I like knowing I can store a fresh copy as a backup. If I mess something up by trying to modify it, I have a fresh copy. Since starting my business I don't resale items anymore, at least not very often. So, would you prefer to pay a little more for a product and have copy/no transfer perms or do you prefer no-copy/transfer and why? Would this be true as well for items you might wish to gift to someone (thinking here of holiday type gifts)? Thank you in advance to anyone who responds. As a customer of home furnishings, I resent the "no-copy" setting. It gives me the impression that that merchant is stingy, and I am unlikely to buy from that merchant because of this, even though I understand that my impression may not be right; but remember, I said IMPRESSION - it is simply a gut reaction.
  14. Ann Otoole wrote: SLM is dead every weekend when it is supposed to be at it's busiest. More and more merchants will go out of business and stop paying tier. In the end the LL Commerce Team will be why SL closes. But the LL board protects the commerce team. It appears they are charged with killing SL off. Slowly. And they are doing a good job of hurting everyone in SL. And they do not care. It is obvious. The LL board protects the commerce team, and so they should. The commerce team is composed of the pre-school children of the board members, as a special project of the Lab's inbuilt day care center.
  15. Spica Inventor wrote: I wonder if it would work flawlessly if you where to sort by price: High to Low however. Nudge nudge wink wink. hehe ;-) Out of curiosity, I went back and tried it sorting by price High to Low, and it did work flawlessly, as far as I could perceive. With my curiosity now quite peaked, I went through and sorted by every built-in search possible, and as far as I could perceive, each and everyone of them worked flawlessly, except, of course, for the sort Price Low to High. What does this say? LOL!
  16. BabyGirl Beardmore wrote: Is it my pc or is the Market real slow today. Takes me forever to load a page on it. Not sure if its my pc or the Market. MP is completely inaccessible to me today. It is the weekend though, and LL staff will not be around to "fix" it. Woe betide us all if they do try and fix it though. This all gives more meaning to the expression, caught between a rock and a hard place, and that is where we as users of MP seem to be.
  17. Dagger Ulrik wrote: I was doing a simple search on Marketplace just now. Apparel - Womens - Womens Costumes - Women's Fantasy and Medieval Costumes. Then I asked Marketplace to sort by price from lowest to highest. At that point Marketplace seemed to lose the plot, none of the items on the page had prices and some of pictures definitely did not belong with the items they were attached to. When I tried to go to full description of an item the page refused to load, Firefox tab just kept saying Connecting. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has the same result with same search and does this mean Commerce Teams fixes have broken? Yes I get the exact same result searching under Men's Apparel, and it has been that way for several days. I am not a happy shopper, but I do understand what happens when LL tries to modify and/or fix things - things get far worse. I have this foolish hope that LL will sell back the MP to the original owners, and let them run it properly.
  18. As a shopper, I used to enjoy using the MP, and found it a great search tool to find products I wanted and many times, would stumble upon products that I had no idea existed but decided I must have. Nowadays, MP is such a mess, my interest in shopping has declined considerably as is my interest in SL overall. How an organization such as Linden Lab can be so incompetent in handling what one should think would be a piece of cake transition for a highly specialized IT company, is really beyond my comprehension.
  19. mtwtfss71 wrote: I realize there are a ton of issues being worked on on the Marketplace but I'm curious whether anyone has heard any updates on when they plan to turn on the ANS. A little communication would go a long way... *sigh* That statement hold great irony for those of us who have not a clue was ANS stands for, other than the Automatic Nervous System.
  20. Zanara Zenovka wrote: We're familiar with some listings in the 1,4xx,xxx range having mixed up graphics with other creators stuff etc (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4587), but... In the last day or so, quite a few merchants have found that other old, deleted listings have been returning from the dead with random unrelated graphics. So far the ones seen have been in the 1,4xx,xxx range too (you can see by mousing over and checking the end of URL) but because they don't lead to a listing, you can't flag or delete them. So, yeah, check your storefront today... Yes, this shopper came across a whole slew of them while shopping today, using search on MP. What an absolute mess! I will not be shopping on MP for sometime now after that shock. It was quite unbelievable. Did Linden Lab now farm out its website programming and maintenance to a day care center or sumpin'?
  21. emmettcullen93 wrote: with a basic account can u still rent a parcel with lindons Yes, you can rent land with just a basic account, using linden dollars. You can also have "ownership rights" for estate land parcels and use linden dollars to pay your weekly or monthly rent (tier). However, having "ownship rights" does not mean you actually own the estate parcel. Linden dollars are what is asked most often. Only some estate land owners request real money. However, Linden Lab I believe, ALWAYS wants real money for anything they sell.
  22. Ishtar Roussel wrote: You don't have to be premium to buy a region from another resident in a private estate if it is not a full transfer, but really you are just renting it. Your name can be as the owner just the same as when you buy a parcel of the island, but really it is just the whole island is your parcel and you can be set as an estate manager by the person who owns it and pays the tier to LL. If you want to buy an island through full transfer and pay your tier to LL you do have to be premium. Only if you pay your tier to LL do you really own the land, all else is renting from other residents, but at the end of the day we all rent from LL anyway. Yes I agree. The factor that determines true ownership of any land in SL, is determined as to whom the tier is paid. If it is paid to Linden Lab, then it is "true owership" - as much as "true ownership" really means. However, Linden Lab also wants people to think that you need a premium account to buy your own estate region, and I have come across several estate owners who think they needed a premium account to buy their region. The Lab is crafty in its the wording of its documentation, and thus, misleads.
  23. xRomanticThug wrote: Hello! I'm kind of new when it comes to lands, so I would like to ask some questions. 1. If I become Premium Member, I will have the right to buy land, there is a limit? I would like to buy a 3000ms, can I?2. What will happen if I don't pay at time the rent? My land will disappear, my house or what I have? 3. Can I buy Premium Membership with lindens? Premium membership gives you the right to buy land on the Mainland. However, you can buy your own estate region without having premium membership. You can buy as much land as you want; there is no limit. If you don't pay your tier, the estate owner, whomever they may be, has the right and will take away your land. Your land won't necessarily disappear, but your ownnership rights to the land will be removed if you do not pay your tier. Linden Lab accepts only real money for premium membership fees; however, you can convert linden dollars to real money but with a discount taken.
  24. Josh Susanto wrote: ...aaand another problem solved. Please note that the inability to load pictures prevents them from showing up on the wrong listings. And who dares to say that the Lab ain't brilliant, eh?
  25. Linden Lab has created a new adage: If it ain't broke, then destroy it with improvements. I would suggest not going against the traditions of Linden Lab. It is rather hopeless. Besides, the English language has been enriched by the Lab. There is a new word in the dictionary, and I kid you not: to linden: verb, meaning to make something worse. How can one criticize a company that contributes to the enrichment of the English language? I ask you; really; in all sincerity, eh? If you continue on in this vain, the gods will linden you. Mark my words.
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