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  1. Sephina Frostbite wrote:

    Cleaning out my inventory... finally.. and I tried on some shoes that didnt fit my avi.. I am not changing her and dont know if I will anytime soon. Since I cant transfer them shall I hold onto them just in case or delete them? What would you do?

    When in doubt, throw them out.

  2. NatashaSteele wrote:

    Anyone recognises this? You THINK you have cool friends in SL and the moment you partner and log on.... one after the other suddenly deletes you or doesn't speak to you. I am kind of a tomboy and I had a lot of male friends. Sometimes I went dancing or clubbing with them or we just hung in IM. They all treated me as one of the guys and made very sure they weren't into dating. That was fine with me because neither was I. Then I meet this coolio guy and we decide to give it a go. I expected nothing to change because I wasnt having a sexual relationship with my friends... and to my big surprise they ditch me by the side of the road. Makes me wonder... what the hell is up with that. I thought they didnt see me like that in the first place. I am partnered, not terminally ill haha. And its not contageous either. Poor choice in who I call 'friends' ?  Or is this something that happened to others too. It gets rather boring if people stop talking to me now I am partnered haha.


    What I find amazing about this scenario is that others are actually checking your profile AND noticed the change in it? I have never ever heard of such a thing in SL before. You must leave an impact on others. Kudos!


  3. Roman Godde wrote:

    We are looking to purchase a Grandfathered Full Sim. Quick Sale.  Already a premium member.  Please IM us and let us know!


    Roman Godde




    Tery Mackenzie

    The term "grandfathered sim" applies to estate sims, so you do not need a premium membership to purchase an estate sim. However, given that a grandfathered estate full prim sim has a tier of $195 per month, when the ownnership is now transferred from one owner to another, the new owner must pay the current monthly tier of $295. Sorry, but that is the truth. A grandfathered estate sim loses its "grandfatheredness" when ownership is transferred - it has been this way for several years.


  4. Pamela Galli wrote:

    JohnMiddlefield wrote:

    Pamela Galli wrote:

    @ Marcus and Porky -- I cancelled all but a handful of the listings the other day, and yesterday I cancelled the rest -- rather, set them to not renew. Since I am paying at the rate of $30 a month for them I thought I would do that instead of cancelling outright. 

    But I still have the 19 enhancements that cannot be edited or discontinued. 


    I find that shocking. Does this mean the LL is ripping money from you and you have no way to stop it?


    Honestly I don't know what they are doing. I have difficulty accessing orders that go back more than two days, and even if I could pull them up, it is tedious to go back through all the orders and see which things are being charged. ATM I would like to be reimbursed for the FIVE times I have been charged in the space of a week for EACH affected ad.  (But apparently I am not allowed to ask about that in the forum, it must violate TOS).

    I am very sorry this is happening to you, and to you, of all persons. You are one of the best and most successful merchants on SL. Your product and service is impeccable. That LL treats their best merchants like they have you, is not excusable. I wish there was something I could do for you, but I know there is not. Please be of good cheer knowing that you are well respected in the community of SL.

  5. Pamela Galli wrote:

    @ Marcus and Porky -- I cancelled all but a handful of the listings the other day, and yesterday I cancelled the rest -- rather, set them to not renew. Since I am paying at the rate of $30 a month for them I thought I would do that instead of cancelling outright. 

    But I still have the 19 enhancements that cannot be edited or discontinued. 


    I find that shocking. Does this mean the LL is ripping money from you and you have no way to stop it?


  6. Emuna Zamani wrote:

    I just ended a LiveChat session with a representative of LL and I am even more frustrated than I was before I called.

    I got an email from an animator of a well known store in SL and he basically told me that the person I had purchased animations from was a Content Thief and had caused many animators problems in SL.  ...

    Stop right there! Does it not seem rather suspicious that the alleged original animator found out you had purchased the alleged stolen animation from someone else? How did they know?



  7. JeanneAnne wrote:

    i showed SL to my husband .. he showed no interest @ all .. thot it was ridiculous .. to him computers are something to use for programming lathes or milling machines to cut metal .. not for making cartoon characters dance & blast one another

    i helped my mom get an account & put an avatar together .. we went dancing in a blues club .. she seemed to like choosing clothes & hair & shoes for her avatar .. but she wanted me to control her .. make her walk & dance & fly .. i tried to get her to take over & she did try it but was clumbsy & wanted me to do it while she watched .. once i left she never logged back in .. when i asked her why she said that she was "too busy" for SL .. i think that she just didnt care to bother to master it

    i told both my brothers about SL .. actually they both already knew about SL but didnt have accounts & never played it .. the older & more computer savvy of the 2 got an account & logged in2 SL .. but mostly just in order to figure out how to do it on his linux machine so he could show me .. he expressed an interest in open sim & said he might look in2 that cept he has 2 young children & says hes too busy for gaming these days .. both brothers play WoW or have played it .. & similar shoot em ups .. both said that SL is "for girls" & is all about virtual sex .. they kinda snickered about me playing it

    the woman i share rent on the house with got an account & downloaded a viewer on her laptop .. she made a male avatar .. shes an actress & maybe thot it would be fun to play a male role .. but her laptop simply wouldnt run SL worth a darn .. so she lost interest .. maybe she occasionally logs in w/ my computer while im not around .. i dunno .. but if she logs in w/ my account ill kill her !!

    my aunt .. moms younger sister .. plays LotR .. i showed her SL but as far as i know she never got an account ..

    my 14 yr old cousin spent a couple weeks w/ me this past summer & she saw me playing SL .. she didnt express much interest .. kinda to my relief .. i was afraid that she would want to lie about her age & get an account .. maybe she has back home but i doubt it .. i prolly woulduv heard about it if she did

    SOOooo ... im batting 0 when it comes to introducing ppl i know to SL & having them stick w/ it ...  how about you ???


    I am batting the same, 0. Everyone I know thinks SL is for gammers. The gammers I know, when they try it, say they don't get it, or say it isn't a game and are not interested in it. Just count yourself unusual to like a game that isn't a game. Although I hear Rodvik is trying to change all that by making SL into a game. Good luck with that Rod.:matte-motes-big-grin:

  8. belladonna Wexhome wrote:

    I was logged out of sl by an administrator.  I thought hmm i wonder if this has anything to do with me downgrading my account from premium to basic.  I called up billing.  they said no but i had been suspended for an hour and that an email went out to me.  Um...no it did not. I am not a seller or reseller on sl. I do not grief, i don't not use homophobic or racial slurs, i do not share private information.  what the heck can i do.

    Questioning the decision of the Linden gods is as bad as offending them. So watch yourself, eh?


  9. Julala Demina wrote:

    The Four Winds Estates sims appear to be constantly offline or unavailable.  All marketplace trading seems also to have stopped.  Seems to have disappeared off of the grid.

    LL cant help with any information, the last blog entry was May - have emailed owner but no response.

    So wishing I have bought those houses when I saw them!!!!!  Dammit! :matte-motes-crying:

    This is so sad. Four Winds was a major major player for Victorian builds in Second Life. For quality, few other builders could match it. In fact, Four Winds may have been the best when it comes to quality. I have a few of Four Wind builds, and now I wish I had more. I used to spend hours looking at their builds admiring the work that was put into them.


  10. JeanneAnne wrote:

    Aethelwine wrote:

    I bought a boat and got myself a parcel with water access to the blake sea a couple of months ago. Not once have I managed to sail there. I made it three quarters of the way once before crashing.

    Today it took me nearly 5 mins to get out of the harbour across the sim boundary and then struggled over a couple of sim crossings before crashing. I have tried to fly back to where i started thinking it possible i might find my yacht to get back in or at least retrieve it so as not to be littering the place and in a no scripted outfit I have crashed twice trying to cross boundaries.

    The problem just seems to get worse and worse.

    I can't be the only one suffering these problems? Is this something to do with pathfinding and Magnum servers or something?

    When will Sim crossings get better?

    i belong to a sailing club & have a sailboat that was given to me .. i dont even bother sailing it cuz every time the club goes out i read in group chat all about how horrible sim crossings are & how many times everyone is crashing .. so i just go to the dance parties afterwards .. many who try to sail end up just giving up & tping to the party anyway



    I have heard that after the introduction of pathfinding, this was when the major problems started. An admin on the estate sims can disable pathfinding I believe and this improves things a bit for sim crossing. However, since LL is the admin for Mainland sims, and since the Blake Sea sims are Mainland sims, I doubt any Linden Lab employee is going to disable pathfinding on those sims. It is a shame, but this IS Second Life, is it not?


  11. JeanneAnne wrote:

    Innula Zenovka wrote:

    JeanneAnne wrote:

    some assumptions went into that estimate & i dont know how reasonable those assumptions were ..<snip>

    overall operating expenses would be reduced when bloated corporate salaries & shareholder dividend payments were eliminated 



    What assumptions did you make about "bloated corporate salaries & shareholder dividend payments" that Linden Research may or may not be paying?    I don't think that information is publicly available.   When do you say they last paid a dividend to shareholders and how large was it?   

    why isnt this information publically available? what are they hiding ??

    the assumptions i referred to have to do with how many residents & players would buy into a user owned cooperative .. how many we would have to divide operating expenses between .. what percentage of concurrent players would contribute .. things like that


    LL is a privately owned company.  As such, they have no obligation to share company information with the public.

    I've worked off and on for my mother's company (which is privately owned by her and her business partner) and she doesn't even share all the details with her own family members.  Nor, should she have to.   Privately owned means just that...private.

    If you want to contact LL and make an offer to buy the company, and if your offer is serious, then perhaps they would share information with you.

    If you want to start a user owned Co-Op type virtual world, then Open Sim, would be the place to do it.   There are already several co-op type grid arrangements out there...I belong to a Sci-Fi grid which operates under a similar umbrella group.

  12. Talla Slade wrote:

    I find myself agreeing with WADE1 absolutely. Rodvik has a master plan to change the focus of Second Life to one of video gaming which I feel as a long time role player will ultimately degrade my experience. Given I have worked hard for several years to create my RPG without the aid of video gaming tools I kind of resent where Rodvik is taking us. The Jira gave vent to bug issues affecting us all and because we could voice an opinion there we at least felt it might add weight to the urgency to get something fixed. God knows there is still enough wrong with the system and all the so-called improvements have just added to the problems in my view.


    For role players who, I might add, buy an awful lot of theme content, the system doesn't need to be as complex as Linden Labs want to make it for the sake of where they want to go in pursuit of the video gaming minions. For years we have paid through the nose and got nothing but disruptions, lag and unfixed bugs. What will it be in the end?



    There could even be hyper inflation in the SL economy as the Gold Farmers move in to set up business high-leveling avatars and farming gold in SL video games. Don't think for a moment it can't happen. It just takes one successful game and that is what Rodvik Humble is hoping for.


    Do we, the ones paying the bills, really need all this?


    More said on my blog here:

    That was a very interesting blog on the situation. Your thesis seems to fit very well with the events that have been happening lately. In essence, those who use SL as a social network, which is the vast majority of those who use it, will be "bugged" out for the gamers. Linden Lab can not have it both ways.  I guess it is time to start looking for vial virtual worlds outside of SL.

  13. Liane Clarity wrote:

     estates are
    quadrupled protected. Really, you should get your facts correct before you start sniping at me. The oceanfront on estates is FAKE. That is, you cannot cross the border of your
    .  Protected-
    Ocean fronts
    have usable space (Linden Protected), for those
    that like boating/
    /flying etc. Protected waterfronts are indeed popular for these types of activities.

    I have been dealing in Protected Waterfronts for 4 years now, and Larose is the best of
    type (If anyone can find better do point me to it). The price is a bargain, for those that know the going rate
    waterfronts, and especially on a
     of this quality.

    My intention was not to snipe at you, but I do apologize, regardless.

    I checked out Larose, and I must agree with you. For the Mainland, it is an ideally located region, and it is a bargain given what Mainland usually rents out for. I wish you well in renting it out.

  14. Sally Audebarn wrote:

    Yes I will agree that the overal performance of the marketplace has depleted since the implementation of it's new layout but there had been a noticable slump in sales during August and this thread is addressing that particular matter. So does anyone know the reason behind this abrupt decline?


  15. Luc Starsider wrote:

    I would hardly call LL an IT company - let alone a pure one. They are a service provider where the service happens to be an online service. A social experiment more than anything else. That does not make them an IT company any more than, say, Facebook is an IT company. The viewer, as such, is more of a byproduct of the service than a main product (or even main part of the product).

    - Luc -

    Nit-picking as what makes an IT company or not is hardly relevant. Regardless, the viewer is the backbone for the success of SL, and not the adding of bells and whistles to entice 0.01 % of potential users.

  16. Baloo Uriza wrote:

    JohnMiddlefield wrote:

    For a pure IT company such as Linden Lab not being able to make a viable, workable, and easy to use viewer interface as the standard viewer, and to enforce it so that everyone uses the same thing, is not only the height of incompetence on its part, but is incredibly stupid as well.

    I think you're missing the point that their corporate culture encourages innovation, which requires being a lot more open than your assumption makes.

    If corporate culture proves detrimental to retention rates and concurrency, then it should change. I am thinking more on lines of improving retention rates and enhancing concurrency, for when SL was less open, SL thrived. SL has been on the decline for about 2-3 years, if you haven't noticed. Providing a user friendly standard in viewer that is superior to all the other TPV, would be a good starting point before pulling in the reigns.

  17. Gadget Portal wrote:

    JohnMiddlefield wrote:

    Given the ever declining SL concurrency, kicking out most of the SL users around this time should not make much difference. SL should be the place for all the hackers who have the latest and greatest. Besides, this would be completely in line with Rodvik and his illustrious team of programmer, and what they want, given the attitudes they have expressed..

    Exactly. If he's gonna go, he might as well go full tilt.


    Nawwww, going full tilt would just upset the venture capitalists, because they are hoping that SL will come back to the way it was making big bucks.



  18. Gadget Portal wrote:

    There's been a lot of talk about improving the grid for the coming of Steam, but I haven't seen anything about modernizing the technology.


    Currently the viewers lack support for multi core CPUs and SLI/CrossFire, there's no support for DirectX 9, let alone DX11. And more.


    A lot of Steam users will be expecting these things- they've practically become standards in 3D online environments.


    Wouldn't now be a good time to be phasing out this technology from 2006 and modernizing a little?

    Given the ever declining SL concurrency, kicking out most of the SL users around this time should not make much difference. SL should be the place for all the hackers who have the latest and greatest. Besides, this would be completely in line with Rodvik and his illustrious team of programmer, and what they want, given the attitudes they have expressed..

  19. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:

    Shocking isn't it.  Still it's true. 

    Here's the situation - There is an option to say who can start to follow you.  There is no option for who you will be following 'automagically.'  The LL has decided that everyone will start to follow all their friends if the friends allow it.   Now I have to go to mysecondlife.com every time I add a friend to unfollow them.

    Yes, it's not a huge tragedy.  It is a pain tho.  Everyone has their own preferences.  But why can't I have my own preferences?  I mean for me why do I want to follow all those people?  I don't know who most of them are anymore. LOL

    And another thing - I can look at my list of friends and see which I am following.  Why am I not being shown which of them is following me?  Yes, I have it set so no one can start to follow me.  Doesn't get the job done really.

    So there - I'm generally not going to follow my friends and if I want to I want to do it myself.

    LL tried to make their own little Facebook thingy here. It should get at least an "E" for effort.

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