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  1. Hi Tamara (love your profile pic btw), thanks for your response! I rarely have trouble with my shoes save for a few pair and I always wear either the prim or the alpha layer. I tried the resizing it using the attached script without success. I'm not sure where to adjust the LOD factor - I'm using Firestorm Beta. I checked the advance menu but didn't find the option. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place. I just gave up on the necklaces mostly because I end up make them worse lol and I usually forget to make a copy of my purchases. I like the idea of adjusting the underpants/pants on my skirts; however, if they're short skirts I think it may look odd to have peeking out from my mini dress. I'll start with the LOD factor (once I find the setting) and see what happens.
  2. Ceera thanks for the suggestion. I'd never considered a tailor but it totally makes sense! Have you tried this method before? Do you know of any sl tailors you could recommend?
  3. Hi good people of the forums! I am hoping to get some advice about my wardrobe dilemna. Since joining SL I've developed a shopping habit and have acquired a sizable (and fashionable :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:) wardrobe. The problem is, about a 1/3 of it is unwearable - due to either skin showing in odd places, shoes that rezz jagged or my feet stick through (I'm wearing the base), butt sticking out of a skirt, necklaces that hide in my boob or neck... you get the picture. I've tried my hand at editing the pieces to my shape but it all turns into a clusterf**k and I make it much worse than it was before. It's becoming frustrating because some of the pieces were pricey (some were bargains); some are just very lovely things that I really want to wear. I like the size, proportions and shape of my avi and i'm not too excited about the possibility of altering my avi. Is there any way to fix the clothing without having to change my avi or ruin the pieces? Elle
  4. Thanks, found it after Griffin sent me the MP link. I got the FrillFrill and the other one too ) Elle <3
  5. Thank you Griffin! I did a direct copy and paste of the name directly into the inworld search and marketplace without any luck. In any event, i will go a looking for it inworld. Thanks so much for sending me in the right direction!! Elle
  6. oh bummer... it's showing up on my end. I don't think that's the same store but here's the link. The author credits ::LiNe:: http://somanystyles.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/numbah-601/ ETA: Deleted duplicate pic
  7. Hello friends of the forum! I've searched high and low for this shirt with no luck. The styling credit lists a store called ::LiNe:: however, the results come up empty on inworld search and MP. Does anyone out there know where I can find it? Thanks! ~Elle 
  8. I just posted something similar yesterday "clubs and shopping, is that all there is?" I too am looking for something more mature, culturally involved and cool, interesting people to chat with. SL has been a little boring and lonely for me lately even though I know there are a ton of things to find and do. Just last night i was dancing with a dude and within 2 minutes he hit me up for sex. :matte-motes-confused: If you're inworld please look me up - I'd love to hang out with you all! ~Elle
  9. Thank you all for the great suggestions. I've been using the destination guide alot - we became acquainted during my first week in SL. I've found some really interesting places through the guide but there's usually no one to interact with once I tp there. Could be the time difference. I really like the idea of flight lessons and thanks Stella for the tip about the Blue Moon!! I will definitely check into those )
  10. Hello all! I am heading into my 2nd month in SL and I'm enjoying it so far. Lately, though, I am becoming increasingly bored with doing the same ol, same ol. Shopping and clubs. Clubs and shopping. Honestly, I really don't mind the clubs all that much if the music was better. Can't seem to find a club with people that plays music that I'm into - alternative, old school hip hop, singer-songwriter, neo soul stuff - or that that has other people to interact with. Sadly, my search efforts inworld often lead me to clubs/venues/sims that are empty. Even though the music/environment is perfect - there's no one around. I've found a couple of places that I do enjoy visiting - The Brownstone Cafe and Bassline/Dub Step. So I thought I would reach out to the wonderful people of the forum to find cool places to sit in chill, meet interesting people, hear good to decent music and try new things. It doesn't have to be a dance club. Any suggestions?! ~Elle
  11. Hi Dilbert, i am using Firestorm Beta. Is there any way to fix it?
  12. Chelsea I'm ith you; most of the music is garbage - especially some of these clubs I've been to lately lol. But if I'm at a club its nice to know what's actually playing. For instance I tp'd to a Michael Jackson tribute but all i was hearing was emo music! It took me a few minutes to realize that I didn't miss the show but was hearing the music from my previous location!! lol
  13. This has been happening for at least a week and only on occassions but when I visit a club, my home or a parcel that's streaming music and then tp to a new location, the music from the my previous location continues to stream even though I received and allowed the media (music) to play from my current location. Usually the only way to "fix" it is to tp someplace new and then attempt to tp back again. Any suggestions on how to stop being stalked by the music or why its happening in the first place?! Elle
  14. Hello!! I'm looking for a public driving (free or inexpensive) sim to ride my scooter. Any Suggestions? ~ Elle
  15. Thanks Stella; I was looking under rollerskating AO!
  16. My SL name (Elle Parkour) is a variation of my RL name (first initial) and my fascination with free running (parkour). Both are french (I suspect that I have french ancestory) and its also a nod to one of my favorite scenes from The Office. http://www.nbc.com/The_Office/video/parkour/1158445/ - The Office Parkour Scene
  17. Thanks Stella, I'll check it out. I have a pair of skates so i was hoping to find just the ao. Update: those are the skates that I have!!! lol but the AO doesn't seem to be working?! i put them on and there's no "rolling" just walking. (
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a rollerskating AO to use with my rollerskates (if that's possible). Can anyone direct me to wear I could find something like that? I've searched for it inworld with no real luck. ~ Elle
  19. Thanks, I'll stop by your shop later today!
  20. Hello!! I'm interested in picking up photography (places and people) here in SL and I have no idea where to begin. I'm a not so new newbie (1 month) and I'm still learning the ropes. What equipment, tips, tools do I need to get started? any suggestions? Thanks, Elle
  21. ditto! I'd be happy to volunteer if I have the look you're going for )
  22. I should mention too that I enjoy freebies and hunts just as much as shopping in SL. I apparently have no control. ::hangs head in shame::
  23. Hi, my name is Elle Parkour and I'm a shopaholic.
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