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  1. hmmm that's a good point. i haven't changed ao's at all and it's pretty quiet i think lol i did remove the ao and it'sstill peeking through. i think my avi has been binge eating while i was away!
  2. I'm running the most current firestorm version ( on my macbook. Since i did the update about 2 weeks ago, i've noticed that i'm having issues with the alphas for my mesh clothing. That or my avi has been binge eating! Normally, my avi fits comfortably in size m mesh clothing...with the exception of some designers. Since running the update, some of my bits and pieces are peeking through the medium sizes. Clothes that had fit in the past are now harder to wear - a butt cheek here, a nipple there. I should mention that my avi is of average build (slender build, breasts aren't average size and so is my butt). When i go up to a size L, the the alpha cuts out some of my skin. A deep v-cut dress may have an invisible outline between the clothing and my skin. Or, the clothing makes my shape look 20 punds heavier - resulting in a huge butt or an ill-fitting look. I've removed everything on the avi, thinking there was some residual item hanging on and still no change. Has anyone else had this issue? I'd like to be able to change clothing without manipulating my avi everytime. Is there a fix? Is there something i'm overlooking? Please help!
  3. Hi MoonWoman, thanks for the links! I think the Miamai dress is closest to what i had in mind... In my search so far, it appears as if there aren't many mesh bridal gowns out yet... so i've switched focus a little. Although, I'm still holding out hope for "the one." Here's the link again... I think i had an unnecessary punctuation mark I've included a few others to give a better sense at what I'm hoping to find. http://baiastice.blogspot.com/2012/05/new-summer-mesh-releases.html - i love the simplicity and sensuality of this dress. I have in 2 colors and it moves like a dream. http://csltm.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/new-release-vero-modero-silver-gown/ - i love this gown but the bottom is actually a skirt and pants combo. http://fashioncontainer.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/wedding-belles/ - the eleaf dress is at the top but it appears to be shorter than I'd prefer.
  4. I'm looking for modern, mesh bridal gowns - elegant but sexy... sort of like the Daiquiri Mesh dress from Baiastice found here http://baiastice.blogspot.com/2012/05/new-summer-mesh-releases.html. Can anyone recommend a store or designer that has mesh bridal gowns? Elle xoxo
  5. Thanks Amethyst, that helped a lot! I was able to get the animations and scripts from some couple danceballs i had! Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the couples ball's to show up... The one I made works great for single dances, yayyy!! Once I figure out the couple balls, I'll be all set!! )
  6. Hi, I've been looking high and low for a couples and singles dance ball machine for my home. My home and decor is fairly modern, simple with clean lines and the idea of a rainbow colored spinning ball gives me chills lol. I seen a few varitions inworld (stack of books, totem poles, etc.) but not in stores. Anyway, I recently saw a dance machine that was an old fashioned gumball dispenser. It inspired me to transform an object i already own to a danceball machine. Has anyone tried this successfully? I was able to find this script: http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=LibraryDanceBall. I added the script to the object's content but i think i need additional scripts in order for the machine to function properly. Any tips or ideas - either for transforming my object to a danceball machine or where to find more discreet "non-traditional" dance machines? Thanks! Elle :))
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded (inworld and here on the forum)!! I've found (more like it found me) a beautiful place to spend my sl days and I couldn't be more happy. I'm looking forward to settling in :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  8. Try the Hair Fair that's currently happening (through July 29th). I saw a several loc'd styles on the "water sim" but can't recall the store. you can find more info about it here... http://hairfair.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/hair-fair-is-officially-open/#more-1005
  9. Hi good people of the forums! I am in search of a reasonably priced, low lag, ocean front property. The parcel that I've been renting for several months was sold without my knowledge and now I am practically homeless. The sim owner sold the sim to someone without notifying me. I always pay my tier on time (several weks at a time); I am a stable tenant and I just need a place of solace to enjoy my second life. My former parcel was oceanfront - 937 prims, $1300L/wk. I also had a small studio skybox for my photo hobby above my home. If you know of any parcels, comparable to my previous beloved home - please let me know! You can find me inworld at Elle Parkour (ellerc.resident) or respond here. <3 Elle :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  10. Glad I'm not the only one! I'll be happy when its worked out.
  11. Hi Dora! I was pretty close, in fact I tp'd on the head of one of the avi's:matte-motes-bashful: Currently, My LODFactor is up to 6 and I tried to rebake on several occasions to no avail. Weird....
  12. I use Firestorm v.3 viewer and was under the impression that it was a mesh-enabled viewer. I recently made one of my first mesh purchases (the purple top from the picture below). I've since worn the top and was able to see it perfectly from my viewer. Other people have complimented me about the top, which indicates that others are able to see it as well. Although, I do have a few friends that are not on mesh enabled viewers, so all they see is my missing torso. My dilemna is that I've been out and about in sl and have encountered others wearing mesh. I see everything BUT the mesh item from my viewer. As a result, I went to check my settings, and from all appearances, everything that should be selected is... hardware skinning, etc. Sooooo why can't I see other mesh items or better yet... why am I able to see mesh items on myself but not on others??!! What up with that?!
  13. THANKS!!! That's what I was looking for ) You're a lifesaver
  14. I was using Firestorm Beta until I was forced to use the relase version. When I installed the new version, my camera settings were lost. I think I was able to get most of them back but some of the options are missing or I don't know where to find them in the new viewer. Specifically, I'm referring to disabling my avatar smile when I take a pic. Also in the beta version, I was able to set my camera to take multiple shots without the camera menu reloading each time. I have searched the wiki and the menus and can't seem to find the settings. Please help!! Thanks! Elle
  15. I'm not sure of the proper name for what I'm in search of so I included a pic. Is there a script/object that would allow me to show my online/offline status without hover text (which I'm currently using)? I've tried searching the answers, forums and wiki and i'm having no luck.
  16. Thanks again Rolig, the prim is not set to phantom. I'll try to create a new prim and see if I have the same problem and of course I'll try your suggestions! I can totally see now how people become addicted to building
  17. Thanks for posting this and thanks to you I was able to build my first model pose stand - yay! I've loaded the poses I wanted into the prim and they advance as they should. However, when its in use, my subjects sink into the prim. Also, I'm not able to advance it if someone is on it which I will need to do as the photographer. Am I missing a step? How can I get the subject to "stand" and not sink and how do I advance it while someone is on it? Elle
  18. Hi Kylie, that would be awesome, please let me know. I'm not planning on doing any nudes if that's what you mean lol I wouldn't feel right not offering you some sort of compensation :matte-motes-dont-cry: but we could discuss that if it all works out. Thanks again for your offer! Elle
  19. Hi nice people of the forums! Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong section. I'm in search of some land to put a small skybox photo studio. I currently have land on a homestead but am looking for a small, quiet place to practice photography and other creative ventures. I suspect that I will only need a max of 300 prims but since I'm completely new to photography I can't be certain. I don't want to invest a lot of L's into this just yet so I am working with a limited budget (not to exceed 500L/wk). Is this even reasonable? Also, I've considered that it may be more cost effective to rent until I determine its something I truly want to continue with. So I'm not opposed to renting but would prefer to buy. If you know of land to fit my needs, please let me know. Or if you have suggestions for alternatives, I'm open to those as well. Elle xoxox
  20. Hey Guys! I read Slexyfashionista and slstyleacademy daily so it most likey was from one of those blogs (which is a mashup of other sl blogs). I wasn't aware that Firestorm was mesh enabled though I haven't updated since installing it approxmately 2 months ago.
  21. Hey Charlotte, I actually went out and purchased the oxford skirt a few days ago and just got around to trying it on. I thought I read on one of tho blogs that it didn't require a mesh viewer so I bought it with this in mind. However, I tried it on and the mesh flap is a big ball now... I'm assuming this isn't normal??! I'm running Firestorm Beta for mac. Otherwise the skirt is absolutely adorable and I even got a few more items from the shop while I was there :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  22. Hi Lyra, thanks! I have been trying my hand at building a little... but like you said practice is the key. I'm not terribly picky but i can get focused on a flaw if the mood suits me lol I found editing things around my house isn't nearly as difficult as editing my clothing. Not sure why that is ( I will keep practicing!!
  23. Thank you Ariel! I forgot the first rule of clothing in SL...make copies!!! And i really like the tip of renaming the edited item at its stage of completion - it speaks to my need to be organized. hehehe I have a few dress that when I wear them, my butt is the size of North Dakota. So I've adjusted my shape and saved a copy to use for that particular piece. Its time consuming and frankly I'm too lazy. lol So i'm glad that its not a suggestion to fix my pieces. I also in regards to tailoring... I guess I need to weigh whether I want the experience or the convenience. Probably a little bit of both.
  24. Hi Jini, thanks for your offer! I will contact you inworld tonight. I'm in the US on central time and I'm usually on as late as 1 am (11pm SLT).
  25. Thanks Charlotte for your suggestions! I've tried moving the shoes up and down, stretching and using the resize script that's attached but I never could get it right. It looked like a bigger shoe with jagged edges or with my foot peeking through. As for the necklaces, like i said in my reply to Tamara, I just kinda gave up! lol and I just wear them as is... I see from all of the responses that my first mistake was failing to make copies but I will definitely do that going forward!!!
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