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  1. Hey everyone! Please reach out if you know someone looking for a job. Claw It Up: Mykonos Greece is looking for a yoga instructor that can role play get not scared to get on mic for the quick yoga session. Requirements are must be able to voice clearly and able to role play. Timezone: able to do shifts starting from 4pm slt. You will get paid well off per booking plus tips you do make. Also will get a employee discount of 20% off at the destination. For more info contact mzjazzymaii resident
  2. Someone please help me...Hello, this morning I came on my secondlife and my avatar wasn't loading but I saw my hubs still on my screen. I looked at my inventory and it said 62,000 + items. I though it was the region or something so I relog. The second time I log on another region and then all my items dropped down to 13,785 items. I cleared my cache and I updated my firestorm. I called linden lab and also created a ticket and no response from them Yet. Last night before I logged I was with my secondlife babygirl and her boyfriend. Someone name binary came on my land. Since I had the banned lin
  3. Omg! I'm having that same problem
  4. You must be a premium member! Its all fun and games till they start charging you like $15 for membership. I don't need to calm down hun and that's rl. I'm speaking up because I spent a lot of money for my secondlife. Anyways "THANKS" for replying...
  5. Linden Lab about have us all the way *****ed and its not cool! FOR THE RESIDENTS THAT DON'T HAVE PREMIUM THEY GONNA DROP THE AMOUNT OF GROUPS WE CAN HAVE DOWN TO 35. YET THEY SAY "We’re not lowering limits out of spite, groups really are quite a strain on our back end for a variety of painful historical reasons, including overloading group functionality instead of having other tools." YET THEY TAKING OUR GROUPS THEY CUTTING AND GIVING IT TO PREMIUM MEMEBERS THAT ALREADY HAVE 60+ GROUPS. THATS SOME BS! THEY TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE PREMIUM! NOW THEY ABOUT TO START ADDING MORE FEES WHEN YOU EXCHA
  6. Hey my name is Jazmine and I'm looking for a photographer for Christmas pictures. I want four family pictures, and I want the "The Dezno Family" at the bottom of each picture. I'm willing to pay up to 600 lindens a piece. Please drop a link of your portfolio and contact mzjazzymaii inworld .
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