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  1. I am in the UK lol. Download speed is about 8 Meg, this was fine speed wise in my last house.
  2. Have tried lots of third party viewers. This is also happening on 2 different computers within my house too so i doubt its something to do with corrupted files.
  3. My inventory seems to take forever to load and doesnt seem to load fully before its kicked me out.
  4. Thank you LoveAngel i have tried all of those things but it hasnt worked.
  5. Ive used phoenix, firestorm, viewer2...you name it. But what is TPV?
  6. Ok ive recently had new broadband installed on a new telephone line. According to my ISP there are no faults on the line and my line isnt dropping out at all. When i log into SL its fine for about 2 minutes (althought wont rez anything, esp my avatar, im just a cloud and ctrl alt r doesnt help) and then decides to log me out. This has been going on for a couple of months now. I gave up, but thought id ask if anyone can help! When i try to log back in again it says 'Login failed. Region has begun the logout process'. So i retry logging in again and it lets me but logs me out again etc Arrgghh! Please someone help me! I dont think its my laptop (have used this many times before and havent changed a thing). Maybe ive set the router up wrong maybe, although this also happens when wired too! Thank you
  7. I am experiencing the same thing on all viewers and on 2 different computers in the same house. HELPPPPP!!!
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