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  1. Hello I made one umbrella and also made holding pose But when i walking , holding umbrella pose doesn't work when i making pose and uploaded, i put 4priority also.. some ppls said to me . "you have to lock some joints " arm and hand part should be 0 (lock joint) but i can't understand how can i do ? i using quavimator for making pose I don't know how to lock the joints in quavimator program.. How can i make pose suitable with Ao?
  2. Hello guys I made my mesh head (i did unwrap uv layout and textured too ) but I don't know how to rigging this... I used 3d max and zbrush for making head and i also have a program blender too But i don't know how to rigging this mesh head to secondlife.. i really want to know... when i type this at googles and youtube I can see some tutorials about it.. but there are just rigging character (not only head part )... is there anybody can help me ?... I can make a mesh heads.... but i can't use lol... please somebody help me...
  3. hello guys i want to make marketplace... so when i try to click Me - Merchant outbox or click right button at my object... this error message appeared when i try ... hmm i don't know what's the problem... please help me... somebody i upload error message snapshot here
  4. I just typed Secondlife in youtube and found this page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx4AL8QphPU SecondLife Linden Generator ? Is it true? i just worry about this problem . and i wish it can't exist anymore.
  5. Hi i want to change my one landmark's name and Description How can i edit my landmark ??
  6. hello i finding unique eyes (Exotripia eyes=divergent , wall-eyed ,strabismus) does anyone know where are Exotropia eyes shop? i can't find ;; i still finding help me
  7. i just bought skin&shape&eye set for 400 lindedns and i got stuff (box ) i drop it and try open but box is empty ;;;;;; how can i do T_T ;; ?
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