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  1. Thanks Cinnamon I've followed your advice and set Build to the Group instead. It works great! Thank you so much.
  2. Hello Sylvia, We set the Build to neither Everyone nor Group in the About Land settings because we only want selected people in the Group to have the create objects ability. The objects however... some are set to the group, some are not... oooh.. could this be the problem? Oh dear..
  3. Hello hello, We have an estate which only allows group access and all the parcels are group-owned with the settings below: - Build --> None - Object Entry --> Everyone - Run Scripts --> Everyone We currently have issues with objects like holodecks and rezzers. They only seem to work when the parcels are set where eveyone can build objects. This is not desirable and I was wondering if there's anything we can tweak in the estate or parcel settings to allow these objects to work properly without resorting to converting these parcels into sandboxes. I've seen holodecks in other public places working wonderfully on land that are not sandboxes. We really need to know how to go about achieving this. Thanks all :)
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