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  1. It is painful to look at when playing the game. Also the art style is not so fine. Else the placements are correct. All i'm looking for is a new style.
  2. Hi. Would someone have the time to take one a texture atlas project? The texture should be 5 by 5 where the top 10 squares are one font and the next 10 are an other font, after that there would be two squares in the first font and the next two are in the second font. The last square (bottom right) would be for an dot (in center) with an line that goes from the dot and almost to the square edge. The main illusion should be that an button have been pressed, except for the first square in the two last groups. In the attached image: The numbers one through ten is font 1, numbers 11-
  3. Hi. Would like to team up with someone who are able create or adapt a line of 'de-dress me clothes' for the Jomo avatar. Basically a sett of shapes for a clothing. Like if a sweater is to be worn the sett/states of the sweater would be 1-over the head, 2-arms inside the sweater, 3-sweater half covering the body and 4 - sweater is properly on. My part would be to code an interface that would allow change to access permission, which sett to manipulated, change clothes texture/color and a version of touch emotes. This is the basic of the de-dress clothes, not all points here need to be in a final
  4. Hi. Did some experiments also. Found that with Physics shape type as Convex hull, sl simplifies the physic shape opposite to shape type Prim were i got full resolution on the test prim. Thanks for replies, my curiosity has been more then satisfied 😃
  5. @ChinRey: You project seems to be more grand then my'n. Then its some what safe to assume a scaled down ground model is not to tacking for the servers. Would like to add an thumb or two up on project and for sharing.
  6. @CoffeeDujour: Not be able to measure is a plus in my book : ) @Wulfie ReanimatorI would like to miniaturize a regions ground topology for each meter, which I think is roughly 65536 points.
  7. Hello. My use case: Have a project idea that would benefit of a detailed llCastArray() friendly surface. Which i think is a physic shape, but the down side is un-necessary load on the server as it can be complex or many small ones that will add up, when its only purpose is to be invisible and an be an recipient surface llCastArray(). So my question is: Can a physic shape be made server friendly in the sense of a medium/high vertex count ?
  8. Hi. Have for a little while now wanted to be a part of a medium scale project that employ agents with different skill setts. I possess good .lsl knowledge to think i would be contributing towards a group. My main curiosity point toward avatar creation, complete with hud for both avatar, avatar apparel and attachments. Maybe in a worn down cyber-steampucky design. And maybe static environmental object such as generator, steam battery, lights. etc. to create items the user can have at home. I have never worked on avatar creation or such, but have made some huds and mini games to think my sk
  9. 1024m2 pure joy with a staggering 351 whole objects supported for a polished 2000L$. South of a popular sandbox, not far a drive to sea and a quiet place. Swing by to vitnes great potential at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fourman/99/180/43 Act now, this offer only last one day. Objects not included.
  10. Hi. Want to make a place were people can create and enjoy a peaceful surrounding. I would lean such a concept towards a programming friendly place. Some ideas to what i like the place to have is lsl resources, link to script groups, small sub parcels to control sound and environment setting for a pleasant time, small place to expose they're creations to visitors, sub parcel for ground edit permissions to test lsl code. Why i posted this is in hope that someone would like to setup an adjacent parcel towards inventive atmosphere, not necessary for programming. The parcels will not be joined
  11. Thank you for fast answer. That settles my question : ) Thumbs up.
  12. Hi. What to upgrade to the new offer that ends April 24 but i already are subscribed to monthly that ends on April 27; When i change to quarterly it goes to $22 under 'Account Summary'. What i would like to know is if it's possible to jump on this offer? Thank for any answers.
  13. Thanks for replying : ) Can't explain it with mathematic that is what is asked for but can give a approximate description of it: Here it goes the flame will grow faster to its max high if the fuel level is over 1 and decrease fast down to 1. were it obtains its original rate this should only apply for some nodes. were nodes that are touching a wall or are connected to a node with a different height if the flame have water the flame growth and fuel,air consumption and water evaporation are slowed if water level reaches 1. the flame is extinguished flame high will be affected by air,fuel
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