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  1. Mesh. Finally. As for those complaining about polycount, this is something I worried about when installing cars for Viper Racing on my Pentium III computer with a GeForce 2 MX graphics card. Back then, in 2001, "High" polycount was over 2,000 triangles per mesh. And of course, the GeForce 2 could do that in a breeze. In fact, some car creators were making uberdetailed models nearing 5,000 polys, which were still playable quite well. And that card is way slower than today's laptop's Integrated Graphics. If SL has a problem with rendering a 2,000 polygon mesh, there needs to be a SERIOUS rewrite of the graphics engine, 'cause DAMN. For reference, ships and stations in EVE Online are around 3,000 to 6,000 polygons each. With brackets turned off, most puters can render a few hundred of these in one place, with shadows and lighting and refections and stuff, quite smoothly.
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