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  1. This is correct, there are NO chances to set lesser or higher rating on specific areas. If the owner sets the private region to General, ALL PARCELS WILL BE GENERAL. If the owner sets the private region to Adult, ALL PARCELS WILL BE ADULT.
  2. *waves* Hello @LamyaeNeferati Only on a private region can the owner change the maturity rating to GENERAL/MATURE/ADULT. This can NOT be done on mainland. Also whatever maturity rating you set for the private region is applied to the WHOLE region not just areas of the region.
  3. If you are skeptical about the offer they made, then just pay what you are comfortable with. I am sure they will still take your business, you will just not qualify for their extended time offer. A lot of rental companies offer discounts/promos/extended time where if you rent for a certain amount of days/weeks then you will get a certain amount of days/weeks free regardless of how many regions they own. I know of very small estates out there that offer the same exact deal that does not get discounts from Linden Lab. TBH I would not be concerned about the discount they get from Linden Lab (not even sure why they would share this information with you since that is an agreement between them and Linden Lab). If you do decide to pay the large sum just make sure the extended time gets added on. If they do not grant you the extended time ONLY THEN I would call it a scam but it just seems like a promo/discount they offer. If you are renting from a reputable estate and plan on being a long term tenant then it definitely benefits you in the long run to pay the large sum just remember if you do pay the large sum up front and they do not own up to their end that is between you and the landlord. Linden Lab will not interfere with resident to resident disputes. Again, only do what you are comfortable with.
  4. Come Build your Home @ Baxton Estates Today!!!! Limited SkyLand Rentals available! Move in Today! Demo in the office! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baxton Island/127/101/212
  5. Awww I can see how one may think that. You are most welcome <3
  6. They cut it like this so who ever purchases the big parcel you are standing on will pay the rental box in the corner after the land purchase. Putting the rental box in its on tiny parcel will prevent the new tenant from being able to return the rental box. You can always contact the landlord to move the rental box to another location and merge the small parcel to the big parcel. All they can say is yes or no. Lol I'm not sure why you feel you need to use the word "shady" tho. Just contact the landlord and ask them why they have set it up this way instead of jumping to the conclusion that it's shady business.
  7. Come Build your Home @ Baxton Estates Today!!!! Limited SkyLand Rentals available! Move in Today! Demo in the office! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baxton Island/127/101/212
  8. Wow......What is up with the title of your post??? I know English is not your first language so I am really hoping its just a confusion on words. if not, I am with @Drake1 Nightfire, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????
  9. @Marina Ramer You shouldn't...with the amount of information they may have to migrate over, upgrades like this will take time. I rather them take the time they need to get information migrated correctly then to rush through it and possibly create other issues resulting in more downtime. You can still reach them via support ticket. Sorry but not sorry you can not get the immediate attention you need. Welcome to the world of technology.
  10. You could always just try another one of Bazar sets. As you prob already know, most of the sets come with matching kitchen, bedroom, and living room at an affordable rate.
  11. I have never been one to complain about changes Linden Lab does and alot of the changes recently have directly affected me but this change is absurd. Really no maximum limit on the cash out fee just screams GREEDY. I appreciate them providing a platform where I can earn money during my years as a full time student but I can no longer invest in more land unless I start passing these fees on to my tenants which I really do not want to do and have never done. Ughhhh. Does anybody have a shoulder I can cry on? *sigh*
  12. was just announced 2 hours ago....processing credits will be increased from 1.5% with $25 maximum to 2.5% with NO maximum. It would of been nice to at least keep the cap even it was raised a bit.
  13. You add your own stream url thru the "about land" > "sound" tab. Some of the stream urls on this page may still work (some may be broke). http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Music_streams or You can purchase a radio off the marketplace and use it to place music on your land
  14. @sandra0jessy STORY TIME: I was running my rental company on a region that was owned by another resident. The resident actually passed away in RL and one day I logged in and could not get into the region and had a lot of messages from upset tenants. I lost out on over $L25K of prepaid rent. I purchased my own region from Linden Lab right away and never have had any problems since then. I did not seek out Linden Lab for an answer to my problem or get upset, I knew exactly what I had to do. I trusted an individual with my at the time only source of income and that was my mistake. Its a good feeling knowing I will not log in and all my prims have been returned or I have been locked out of a region, which LL was so kindly to unlock so I could retrieve my prims. I recommend to look into investing into your own region, especially since this region means that much to you and you do not want to go thru this kind of situation again. Just remember the residents you are paying rent to also have RL and could one day never log in again or could sell your region and the new owner decides they don't want your business anymore and return all your prims. Also, Logging into Second Life you agreed to Terms of Service. In section 1.4, LL does state that they will not interfere with any disputes between residents when its regarding content or services provided. I would recommend looking over that as well. https://www.lindenlab.com/tos Oh one last thing, there are some whole region rezzers on the marketplace. If most of the prims on the region are owned by the same resident I would suggest them do a back up of the current region, so if a relocation is needed it will be easy to rez a copy of the setup on a new region. Good Luck!
  15. It's not that Linden Lab doesn't care but this is a resident to resident situation and should be handled as such. If you want to be able to contact Linden Lab about your land situations I would recommend purchasing mainland where you pay Linden Lab directly and there is no middle man. Here's some more info regarding renting from another resident and the Lindens advice on it. So in short, no there is nothing else you can do except move.
  16. Come Build your Home @ Baxton Estates Today!!!! Limited SkyLand Rentals available! Demo in the office! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baxton Island/127/101/212
  17. Move in Today! BYOH - Bring your own Home 400L/Week + 400 Prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baxton Island/127/101/212
  18. BYOH - Bring your own Home 1/4 Region only 400L/Week + 400 Prims 15+ Scenes all in 1 Box! Change Scenes Anytime! Grass, Snow, Sand, Desert Scenes! Demo in Office! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Baxton Island/127/101/212
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