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  1. are there any tiger viewers that support the multiple attachments function. i tried rainbow but it strips off half my clothes when i log in and if i could update my os i would but sadly apple makes sure the first thing that goes on their old machines is the compatibility with the newer os's :{
  2. wow i need to stop taking these multi month breaks from SL i seem to have missed alot. are there any legacy viewers that support multiple attachments to a single point that can run on a older tiger based ibookg4 i use firestorm on my desktop but i havent found any viewers that still work on my old mac well that dont strip off half my clothes when i log on with it and while there are google links claiming to be downloads personally i dont trust any site with url's that fishy looking
  3. I used to use a viewer called green life emerald and i loved it because it was one of the first to impliment the multiple attachments to a single point as well as having some nicer graphic options. the thing is i went to re-download it and i cant find anything no website no hint that it even existed at all. i cant even find a torrent for it on TPB. so can someone tell me where green life went ?
  4. on a side note i noticed that the viewer 2 and 3 seem to have completely removed flight override or if it is still there they hid it remarkably well another thing ll borked
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