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  1. Hi, I come across this topic because I got warning from my antivirus, that Dullahan tried to access my camera. Is this normal? I covered my camera on my laptop tho, but I am just curious why is it trying to access my camera? It is not from my skype or chrome or anything. I got that since I bought a youtube tv, adding my playlist to the tv and tried to play it. Then the Dullahan warning comes up.
  2. Hi everyone, So I would like to invite people to a close enrollement group. They will be my tenants. I have the scripts so they get the group invitation when they click it or start renting. But why they cannot join? There is no join group button appears, only group information itself. I have been searching on market place for a tool or script to do this automatic invitation so they are able to see "join group" button eventhough it is not open for public, but I couldn't find it. Did I miss something? Edited: I saw some people are able to invite their tenants eventhough their group is private (not everyone can join). I tried with firestorm, and it's the same, my alts cannot see the join group button. I purchased another group inviter also, and still that "join group" doesn't appear. I have to keep my group public so people can join, but I don't want random people to join, because this group was created for my tenants to rez their items in parcel. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thats good. a project is more important to do. im quite happy also just to explore new things in SL game without chatting maybe in 1 hour or a bit more. like sightseeing, travellling to many places, or maybe just to mix the clothes, see the dancing style and sex style the game has to offer. it could be a good recommendation in real life. anyway you can socialize in real life, its more fun
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